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I cannot wait until Thursday im off until Monday it will be a much-needed vacation.

It was so annoying today this stupid bitch put a whole stack of wood on my scrap pile pallet were I put rails that are no good. I threw them off. She yelled Willy! put them over their. In addition, she pulls out my air hose to blow dust off her and just leaves the damn hose in my way. My rail drill gets fucking dirty enough with out that lazy bitches help!

Also James kept talking Spanish about me to some Mexicans they were laughing. I said what the fuck did you say but he did not tell me what he said.. Then when I took the pallet jack to move a stack of rails he grabs it and says the stacks to heavy. I said no its not iv seen people do it before. He grabbed and said no you can’t. I told the boss on him he just said he is right. (James kisses your damn ass doesn’t he?) I told James if you do not leave me alone im going to make you pay. He said get the hell out of here. I said fine I will go. I nearly clocked out but decided not too. Also I been cleaning up a lot that was a job they said id be off of. I was pissed off I mean they had me doing all kinds of shit now ever day someone takes it away from me. Im thinking of quitting Colby furniture

I been a fucking cleanup guy 5 years and now that im doing other things I want to do other things.



the ongly thing i hate about thanksgiving is charlie always prays before the meal and mentions save the lost.


i dont want to pray for that hell im lost and dont want to be found! what if theirs others that dont want to be found! prayers are just spells without candles i dont want no spell being put out in the universe like that.

i think ill secretly pray leave me the fuck out of it!



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