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Thanksgiving went ok

I decided to take my video camera and tape everything that was going on.

Man people act so silly in front of a camera. My cousin dale shot a deer the day before and talked about that. it was all going pretty well until the family had to start in on their two sense worth. Mom said take that hat off you should not have hats in the house. I said why? She said its bad manners. I said wont me to tell you what I think of manners? She said no. then I pick a corn nugget out of a tin pan. My grandma curls her nose and says just eat it with your fingers. I say well why dirty up a fork for one little nugget? I said I don’t care about manners and customs I let it all hang out I wear my shirt untucked and I wear a hat in the house oh what a sin. Caley picked a corn nugget out. I said you go girl don’t use no fork. Charlie said the blessing and I watched the table wishing he’d hurry the fuck up. Shit I have to put up with this rich snobby snooty family! Their cant be a god

Cause hed have better since than to put me in this family.




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