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I went with my mom to Nashville Tennessee

We got to talking about thanksgiving.

I said I do not like how Charlie prays for saved the lost in his prayers.

She said is he stepping on your toes.

I said he is praying for everyone to be Christian.

She said there is only one god the Christian god.

I said how you know. With all the thousands of religions out their how, do you know the Christian god is the true god? All these churches say they are the true church how do you know their not going to hell like that Pentecostal church I went to would probably say church of Christ is wrong and going to hell like they say the Pentecostal church is going

To Hell, all religions say they are the right one who is wrong?


She said why couldn’t you just be normal like everyone else is Christian except a small handful like you that don’t want to be.

I said no the nation of china is Buddhist the nation of India is Hindu not everyone is Christian.

I said what if you die and find out Buddha is really god?

She said I do not think so.

I said you studied nursing and stuff do you actually believe

Jesus walked on water; Moses parted the red sea and all that other stuff.

She said I do not know lets talk about something else.

(Can no one prove the bible is from god if not then why bother? Why bother preaching as if you know something when you do not. Well back to the story)

I said why do I got to mind all these manners and things. She said its her house so you got to mind the rules.

(I say if it isn’t fucking hurting anything leave it alone)

by the way when I put stuff in between (here) its my thoughts and not what I said.

We went to this aquarium restaurant it was cool the walls was an aquarium we seen sharks, goldfish, stingrays, sword fish I said how do they live in such harmony with each other? On the sharks are killing everything?

I knew seafood would be the best thing to order. Mom ordered chicken she said it wasn’t good. I said I knew when I seen that aquarium they know how to make seafood.

I got a mug and a stuffed turtle at the gift shop. At Spencer’s I bought a blow up doll. She said you are not taking that thing blowed up out of the hotel. It took hours blowing the doll up I bought a bicycle pump but it wouldn’t fit. The doll looked nothing like the picture. At barnes and noble I got a book called the Tao te ching because iv heard about Taoism on the forums.


When I got home I blew up the sex doll she wasn’t really that fun now she’s deflated so I spent 30$ on junk. Guess its back to my hand, moisturizing lotion and imagining demon girls fucking. I have dry itchy skin so I have to use moisturizing cream anyway so use it as a lubricant.


On another note I sent to off the money to subscribe to this group I hope it don’t take long to get their I cant wait to see what other stuff is on this forum. Someday I hope to see what’s in the club house but I know that will probably be awhile. I hope I didn’t fill out the money order wrong i just put the name on top of the address in pay to the order of. Hopefully I didn’t.






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