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Let’s set the scene, you want to invest your wealth and are looking around for a good company to invest in. You find a company that makes fantastic claims, claims that show you will eventually be wealthy beyond your wildest dreams. This all sounds great and you start checking out the enterprise. It is a very old company, it’s been around for generations, and many famous people have invested in it. It owns immense holdings of property, art, money and power! It has immense influence on governments, other companies, and individuals. This is really great! Suddenly you start discovering inconsistencies; the prospectus was written by men long dead, is written in two separate sections. The oldest section contains data that has been long discredited by later science, has sections, paragraphs and statements that contradict other sections, paragraphs and statements and has portions that have been shown to be forgeries. The newer section shows a lack of knowledge of company history and a lack of knowledge of company “culture” and like the older section have internal contradictions as well as contradictions with the older section! To top everything off, there is no evidence that the company’s promised product has ever been delivered and a singular lack of evidence that the equipment manufacturing and delivering this product has ever existed! Doesn’t sound like a very good investment does it? Well, there are nearly 2 billion people that are currently invested in this outfit, we know it as Christianity! - Heimdall



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