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Standup All You Strange People (from old journal)




Standup All Yall Strange People!

Date: 10/21/05 at 1:18AM


lets all standup take a bow and say society kiss my ass dont need ya no how.

im gonna stand up and say yea im weird and i wouldnt have it any other way.


while everyone was saying oh my god the water out sides knee high during katrina me and my freinds ran in it some of us swam. lets play in the rain you dont know what your missing!


this town with all its u need jesus sighns and church on ever corner oh my gosh live a little. climb outta ya box and look out side.


dance tha spiral dance, watch the moon and stars and meditate by a river in the woods itll do ya good.


imagaine your a tree inhaling the energy, your the water flowing down the river, your the ground under your feet your the wind and see were youve never been.


hold a rock and listen with your mind and interesting storys youll find.


listen too your mind, listen too nature listen too the worldand youll see theirs more than you thought you knew.


sit out side listen and watch youll learn things school didnt teach ya.


too be strange too be diffrent too be not the same makes life interesting.


stand up all yall stange people. the people that call us strange just dont know what we do.


the most intelligent are the most weirdest.


standup! and be counted.



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