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could my beliefs hold up in court.




im gonna play a little game and find out.


lawyer: you say thier is a god right.


me: yes


lawyer: have you ever seen this god?


me: no but iv seen pictures, heard storys, theirs thousands of people who say they beleive.


lawyer: these are all diffrent pictures and these storys are totally diffrent from each other winch ones correct they cant all be correct ones got to be lieing.


me: i dont know


lawyer: well this is all heresay and guessing lets move on.


lawyer: can you hear and feel this god?


me: i feel peaceful in the woods, a peace when i meditate, i hear guidance when i need it.


lawyer: is their any proof this isnt just your mind doing that?


me: no


lawyer: what other proof you got?


me: who created the universe? who told birds to fly south for the winter who made the grass green?


lawyer: is their any proof a god did that?



me: no i have no proof. but wered it all come from? who did it?


lawyer: how do you know a god did it?


me:i dont


me: why do some people feel theirs a god


lawyer: does this prove theirs a god?



me: no


lawyer: can you go visit this god and tell it to appear in court?


me: no


lawyer: so you have no proof what so ever.



me: no.



lawyer: then why bother


me: i guess im scared of dying and not existing and my family not existing.


lawyer: so by beleaving in something you cant even prove you think you can magically make it real?


me: that probally wouldnt work.


me: can you prove their is no god?


lawyer: can you prove their is a god?


me: no and you cant either.


lawyer: why bother creating beleifs and being in a religion if you cant prove its even true. if you cant even prove the existance of god why bother with it.


me: i dont know.



case dismissed no evidence.



i cant even prove it too myself.





























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