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The enemy




If you are christian, you are my enemy. If you are muslim, you are my enemy.


I know what you're going to say. That there are "Nice christians" and "nice muslims" out there. Ones that aren't trying to brainwash people, or create theocracies, or harrass/subvert/marginalize/kill anyone not part of their faith.


And my response is: So? As much as they may decry their extemist bretheren, the big question is, do they oppose them? Do they do anything more than cluck their tongues and shake their heads? As the extremists xians work to remake this country in their image, where do the middle and liberal ones stand? I hear a lot from the loony fundies. But I haven't heard a lot from the so-called "Nice christians". Is it because they aren't really opposed to the idea of a theocracy? "A country with God's law as its own, and where every act that is an abomination to Him is outlawed? Sounds like paradise!" As the fundie agenda proceeds, where will the other xians stand? If you stand with them, even as you decry them, I must count you among them.


When 9-11 happened, what did the moderate muslims say? "Its a tragedy... but, well, you brought it on yourselves..." So much for nice muslims.


To all the moderate xians/muslims out there, stand up and be counted. Either you oppose the extremists in your faith, or you do not. If you oppose them, back up your words with actions. If you do not, shut up. Your hipocracy offends me. And know, I count you among the enemy.



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