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2nd time's a charm




Had a second date last night. It was getting late, since he had a long day at work and I had gone to visit my dad in the hospital, and I was exhausted. I would rather have slept instead of gone out, but I didn't want to ditch the guy. So we met up at a decent bar for a few beers and conversation. I turned down his offer to pick me up since the bar is between our homes and I'm a big girl who can drive herself.


It was so much more interesting and relaxed this time. I crossed a few items off of my list of things people should know about me, as well. He brought it up. We were talking about our parents having grandchildren (my parents first ones are on the way- a boy and a girl), and he bluntly asked me if I wanted kids. I said, "No!" and it felt good and I didn't feel apologetic or uneasy about it because I'm learning that I can't afford to give a shit about what people think about me. He said that was great and I got a happy, appreciative look from him. Yes.


Later, he was telling a story about some girl who was grilling him on drinking and drugs, and how his friend told him that the next thing she was going to do was ask him to go to church with her. Sure 'nuff, she did. I took the opportunity and ran with it. Didn't get so far as saying "Atheist", but I told him I don't believe any of that crap anymore and can be counted on to never ever ask him to go to church. He was pleased. He has an ambiguous god concept and isn't really sure if there is one or what it expects of people. I can tell he's never thought on it too hard, but it's obviously not important to him.


We shared a decent hug and a better smooch than last time before we parted ways. I think this will work out for the time being. It's nice to know I'm liked without a guy having to drool and try to fondle me in order to show it. We'll see how it goes.



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