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Thoughts On Religion




Thoughts on Religion:



I been watching a lot of movies now that I got DSL some of them on Jesus Hallucination Christ's profile and went to yourtube and looked up similar stuff. Let's just simplify it and say I decided to research the criticism of Religion. I thought about are the critics right lets examine some things I thought about.




1. Divine Intervention Does a God answer our prayers and control our lives?


The Problem with Prayer


Too many perople


Ok, lets say there are 1000 christians, 1000 pagans, 1000 buddhists, 1000 jews, 1000 hindus, living on earth. Of course there's a billion more religions than that and certanly more than a thousand in each category. But since my DSL is messed up today and I'm doing this on a wordpad and can't look it up were gonna pretend I got it right. One God is supposingly answering 5000 prayers. Now theirs billions and billions of people on earth, probally half of them believe in devine intervention and some pray in the day and in the night. That means God is listening to prayers 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week, listening to billions and billions of voices and thinking of the answer to each prayer. Poor God has no life and he's been doing it since the beginning of time. God must be going mad by now. Oh don't forget the possibilty a billion other earths might exist. I'm sure some of you will say but god just listens to christians or (insert your religion here) well even that's still a huge task for a being to do cause most likely your religion has a lot of members.




would it of happened anway?


Seems like all prayers involve either you doing something or something that was bound to happen enyway looking at what lead to it.


A true miracle to me would be something that can't be explained away and say oh well looking at the circumstances it would've happened.


Here's an example of it would've happened anway:


Seth a christian tried to witness to me one time saying God gave you your paycheck, job, apartment and I was laid off cause God was mad at me.


Well lets look at the "would it of happened anway question"


1. my paycheck comes from my job not God if it came from God I wouldn't need my job.


2. I got my job from filling out job applications God had nothing to do with it


3. my apartment came from working to pay the bills.


4. we get laid off about once a year and the whole plant does


If Gods gave me my paycheck why don't he give money to the homeless so they can have an apartment? Why don't he give them jobs? Why do people have to apply for jobs and work. So is Seth claiming God will pay me to be a christian? Well why don't God pay everyone that'd be a great idea he can advertise it on tv and send checks to everyone to be christian. While he's at it he can feed the hungry and dying on them feed the children commercials. There is no miracle here.


Ever prayer or thing I think God might of stuck his hand in…When I ask would it of happened anyway? It just goes out the window. If your answered prayer took effort on your part you cannot claim it as a miracle. Miracle in websters dictionary is called a supernatural event. So it has to be beyond natural.






Usually when people think of miracles its usually a healing or some rescue from danger.






Ask anyone who studys meditation they will tell you that you can think yourself well in most cases. There is proof that meditation, postive thinking, visualization and relaxation exersizes can Aide in healing. Plus there's so many successful surgeries, medicines and people walk out of the hospitals well everyday.


Prayer can easily be considered mediation you relax, you tell God to heal your cold kill your viruses and you probally visualise this happening.


If God did this no effort on your part or the doctors part would be nessissary? it's your body fighting the illness and your firm belief it will.


If God did it why don't he just appear and bop you on the head with a magic wand and your healed? Why'd you have to rest, meditate, go to the doctor, take medicine or what ever you did to help yourself heal why?




Rescue from danger


Why does ever rescue from danger never involve God sticking his hand down from the sky and rescuing you?


Let's say your in a inner tube in the ocean ahhh how relaxing you fall asleep. You drift off miles and miles then wake up and the shore looks like a tiny spec in the distance. how horrifying your scared you swim and swim but you just tire yourself. You then see a shark about 12 feet away you hope it isn't hungry. You scream and cry out too God praying with all your heart. It just so happens a man is asleep in a motor boat with the motor off. He hears your loud screams he turns on the motor and rushes to rescue you his boat scares the shark and he takes you to the shore. Why didn't God just reach down his mighty hand scoup you up and lay you on the shore? This is one of those it would've happened anyway things. But you'll give the man no credit you'll say God told the man to find you.




You could also ask why God rescued you but not:


1. the victums of 9-11


2.Jonbenet ramsey


3.the amish girls who were shot to death


watch the news tonight and you wont see much Devine Intervention.




2.God Speaks to me? Does he really?


God told me to witness to you bla bla bla! God told me to take this Job bla bla bla! I hear it everday.


I one time asked a preacher how do you know if your thoughts are from God?


He said Good thoughts God then bad thoughts are from Satan.


I should of asked where am I? Do I have no thoughts of my own? So Satans on one shoulder Gods on the other and me in the middle I suppose.


I got a better idea the mind is kind of like a computer storing files, programs, information on everything you click on and you can find what you need.


Ask your self a question… Anything just ASK say (your name) what is a good thing to do right now? I'm getting clean house lol.


Now ASK the same question like this God whats a good thing to do now? Again same answer.


Your brain already knows whats good based on what you consider good so you can ask yourself anything and get an answer no matter what word you call it.


Your brain records everything it sees, hears, thinks, and is programed just like a computer based on enviroment, family and friend influences, and based on your personal thoughts and it pulls out the files like on a computer what you've observed and thought before based on what your looking at.


It's not God It's not the devil it's YOU that's speaking to YOU.


Let's look at the things I listed above if God spoke to people why didn't he tell the victums of 9-11 don't go to work tommorow terrorists will blow up the building, tell JonBnet's parents she was in danger (if u believe the intruder theory) why didn't he tell the Amish girls parents to keep there kids home.


He could've also intervened and stopped this crap from happening look at the news at all the crime, wars, disasters….. Where is God?




3.I can feel God no your feeling your emotions


I hear it a lot I can feel the peace, serenity and spiritualness or I feel high like dancing. In church I feel a spiritualness.


Keep telling yourself that cause the minute you quit it'll stop. KEY WORD I this is probally the most powerfullest word you can ever say. When you say I the programming in your head turns on. Want me to prove it? Read this sentence over and over about a minute: I feel Happy.


Of course you feel peace, serenity, spiritualness that's what your thinking about and your brain already knows what them things feel like so it flips them on like a light switch. You said one time 'I feel so happy in church! " so your brain jotted down HAPPY and CHURCH and that's the orders you gave it too feel happy in church. What ever emotion you was feeling at the time you labeled spiritiual so the brain stuck that label on it now your programeed to feel that way in church.


If it wasn't that way you'd never have people not like church cause they'd feel what u feel but a lot of them don't.




4,I see God!... no you don't!


Lets say you walk in a church as a kid holding mommy's hand you say whose that man in the picture? Mommy says jesus he is God. You think about it ok God is a man in a white robe, brown hair, mustache and beard. You got a God image in your head


Ok years later in suday school you learn your good thoughts are God's thoughts so you think this God image is speaking to you. you just subconsciously told your brain to picture Jesus saying your Good thoughts too you. And Most if not all kids imagine Jesus or some other image speaking to them and appearing in front of them. Telling you Good thoughts. Now you probally also got the image of Satan to tell you bad thoughts. Want proof ok here's two ways.


1. imaging a orange ball in front of you now ask it what's a good thing to do? It answered didn't it? your minds gonna answer your question no matter what u call it or image you use.


2. tell god to put your house keys in your hand if it's really God he should have no problem doing it. Even a baby could do that surely the all powerful God of the universe could put your keys in your hand.




I'v brought up before on myspace/bebo the many different religions, images of god, conflicts of interest and different holy books proving there'd be no conflict if god showed his self to the world. If gods talking to you keep it between you and him he's all powerful he could tell the whole world the truth if he tells you to do it. tell him to quit being lazy and tell people they would believe him over you anyday. Here's another game get a quarter pray god makes it flip on heads each time you shake it and flip it on the floor. Damn I got tails on the first try oooh guess gods pissed at me.




5.Where is God?


O,k to avoid the oh your thinking of the wrong dude we'll use the name bob. All religions it seem to agree God is a man a human ok we run into a few problems.


Were gonna call God Bob.


1. Is Bob in the Sky?


Ok, Bobs a human do you see a man standing up there? Ever see a news report where people in a airplane seen God? Hopefully he has wings or he'd fall down to the earth splatted on the ground like a pancake.


2.Is Bob in space


hopefully Bob warped into the future and got a space suit and oxygen tank cause humans can't live with out it in space. Also scientists in rockets and satelittes still haven't seen Bob he's supposed to be watching the earth answering all them thousands of prayers right?




3. is bob under ground, under water or under something?


With out oxygen he'd die under water, under ground he'd burn in the magma he isn't under anything.




Ok, I know some of you will say he's God he can make himself able to survive those things…maybe so but we still got a big problem.






What is god? You can find a billion answers


Where is god? You can find a billion answers


What's god look like? You can find a billion answers


With all these billions of different answers you'd think God would solve it once in for all the questions mankind has asked since the beginning of mankind.


Evidence in a court of law includes hair samples, skin samples, finger prints, dna, testimonies, confessions, and things belonging to the person.


If someone asked me to show them what a pine tree looks like I could show pictures of them, send needles to them, point one out and even bring one to there house if it was a small pine tree. But with God you can't do that. People say but oh my holy book proves it….but is that enough for you?


Anyone can write a book and say it's from God.






Ever religion has there story of how God created the world and the universe.


But where's the proof? I could say I created the world and write a story about how I did it.


But you could say oh no you was born in 1975 the world was 6 billion years old you wasn't around.


Yea you can debunk that pretty easily cause you know about me.


The next problem is where's the proof God created the world? Scientists have the string theory, big bang and evolution but no God theory. Oh I'm sure your gonna say but some do. Well if it was evidence no body could debunk why are they arguing over it? remember my pine tree example? What if someone picked up a pine cone and said maples really made these. Then I could point to the pine tree and say see those baby pine cones they made them. It would be defeated and no room for argument if there was concrete proof God created the earth it'd be there. Ever holy book ever written is just one argument against another religion that has another story and none of them have succesfully convinced the scientific community it's the way it happened. Evidence defeats arguments where there's arguments theirs not good evidence it's the truth.




8. How religion probally began


We don't know who or what created the universe and sure didn't know along time ago when humans first evolved.


Early humans thought of the earth as the mother of all things cause everything lives on it, plants and vegitables grow from it, water to drink it's like a mother providing for its children. The sun was thought of as a father or mother in some cases.the bright sun in the sky you can't look at for long and the moon. They must of thought they were gods watching us. Nature was mother and father.


Right and wrong


Let's say a man cheated on his wife and he ws kicked out of his cave. He walked in the rain and lighning struck him. surely sungod was angry at the man for cheating on his wife people said. So by the time it circles the village it's believed god will punish people cheating on their wives.


Early people believed:


Thunder and lighting: god is angry


Rain: god is sad


Sunny blue sky: god is happy


Winter:everythings dead god must of died and winter god took over


Summer: god came back and defeated winter god.


Prayers and magical things.


Here's a story I heard once showing how this might of happened:


A man was hunting he was walking in the woods. He stubbed his toe on a rock and shouted ow and jumped up and down. He brought home 5 deer that day and the rock. He tells the village the story. Now when ever they go hunting they kick the rock, jump up and down and yell OW. Of course they believe god gave them this sacred rock they make a shrine around it maybe make offerings too it hoping it will grant them other wishes.




So many people probally wondered where everything came from? Whose god? Thousands and thousands on questions and probally one person had them more.


One person decided to find out he probally fasted or some other torture thinking god would come and rescue him and he could talk to him or he might of smoked drungs or ate mushrooms he knew made visions and surely if he thought of a question in his altered state he'd get an answer. He writes down everything he sees and hears in a holy book. People shrug him off at first some miracles gotta prove he's a prophet so let's say one day they're all being chased by a pack of lions. He runs but gets his foot stuck in a hole. And everyones shaking scared in the bushes women holding there children close everyone crying thinking it's the end of him.


A lion goes up to him and the other lions look at him. he kicks the lion in the nose and and gets loose and runs at them waving a stick. They for some reason run away. He protected them now they'll believe him.




Campfire tales


Remember no one had a computer, tv or anything. So they'd sit around a campfire telling their opinions on creation, life, hunting stories, miracles, beliefs and tales.


These stories traveled by word of mouth to other villages some probally thought they were fact, conflicted with what they had or thought they were god storys and added them to theirs. People start writing them down. Years later people who didn't know they were stories and ideas or knew the tribe thought they were things that really happened. Maybe the story went from generation to generation by word of mouth it probally started out as just a story of what they thought happened and years later came to be known as fact.






I reallly hope there's an afterlife the thought of dieing and not existing enymore sends chills up my spine.


But putting false hope in religions ideas is just playing a guessing game. This is dangerous expecially if you beleave certain people go to heaven while


Other people will go to hell. This is the most dangerous belief so I'm gonna debunk it first.


1. Resurrection


This is impossible your buried six feet under dirt under a cement sheet in a coffin and your body becomes dust.


What about people cremated? People beheaded? Will the heads crawl on the ground looking for there body on resurrection day?


No body will rise out of the ground in their old decayed moldy body eeew gross


2. Heaven and hell


Heaven in in the sky or in space right? Well no satelites ever seen it, people on planes never seen it and no towers ever reached it.


Hell under the ground? You'd think someone digging for oil would find it or someone digging would dig up a demon.


Whys no one found Heaven and Hell? Surely with planes, rockets and satelites in the sky and space, people digging in the ground, people all over the world somebody would see it. ever religion has a different version of heaven and hell surely if we knew exactly what it was we'd have no argument.


Whys no body able to visit it? no bodys come back from it to tell us what it's like. Where in the hell is hell? Lol there's too many theorys on the afterlife but no body can tell us a thing that can be proven why?




The Catepillar, Frogs and babys.




Imaging you're a catepilliar among other catepillars. If they could talk and you said someday you'll be a cacoon and be a butterfly. I'm sure they'd laugh and say no this is the ongly life there is. They don't know what'll happen, how they got here or anything.




Picture yourself as a little tadpole swimming in the water you'd probally never think for a minute you'd one day breath air, eat bugs, turn into one of those frogs and leave your tadpole family and they'd never see you again. They don't know what'll happen, how they got here or anything




A baby in the womb if it could think would probally never imagaine it's be in a place other than a watery dark womb. Seeing a whole new world being on its own breathing air. They don't know what'll happen, how they got here or anything.




We don't know how we got here, how the universe was made, if there is a creator, if there is an afterlife. If you wanna make guesses and believe in religions go ahead. But you need to realise we don't know everything were like hermit crabs exploring the beach when it comes to exploring everything. We must stop killing, bashing and fighting over what beliefs we think is right when we don't really have any proof they are right. Don't pretend you know everything when you don't


I hope there is a God or atleast an afterlife but playing the guessing game isn't the answer. Some people say well, if there isn't a God why'd the first humans feel there is? Maybe your right maybe they feel there's a god cause there is but beleaving stories winch has no basis in fact is silly. Just cause some dood found a book in a cave and the book says it's from God don't make it fact.




People are so surprised when some people think this is unreasonable. If you heard today that a virgin had a baby, a book in a cave was from god, someone walked on water, resurrected from the dead you wouldn't beleave it.




Read these websites for more on this subject these two websites will really make you think about what you believe:










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