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Letter To The Far Right




Dear Right Wing Conservative Christians,


Hope the family is doing well. No, not your church family, I mean your own family. I hope your finances are doing okay, and that your youngest shines like a cute little star in the next school performance.


I wish you personally the best. But that is not the purpose of this letter.


I'm really writing to tell you that you are on notice. All of you. Every last one.


We have had enough. To be honest, we've been weary of you for quite some time. But we really thought that a position of polite tolerance was the decent thing to do in dealing with you. Taking the 'High Road' if you will. We figured that we could simply ignore you. When you barked at us that evolution was crap and that single motherhood was the road to hell, we did as the book you claim to live by suggested. We 'turned the other cheek' and continued to just do our own thing.


We originally chose to be indifferent to you. We heard your rantings, and adopted a policy of apathy. And we did expect that you would have the courtesy to do the same for us.


Alas, you have not done so.


Now, instead of forcing your views directly at us, you are hungrily going for the jugular of the next generation and...well, damn near EVERYBODY. Pushing Intelligent Design into the classrooms, filling as many State Fair booths as you can with faith based pamphlets to distribute to kids and teens (particularly if parents are nowhere in sight), waging 'war' against homosexuality and abortion, and of course you've had the ear of our Commander in Cheese for the past term and a half.


You've been happily doing your "thing" for some time now. We've been pretty silent in the past, and so you have expected that silence to continue.


Thing is, we really haven't been as silent as you think. We've been muttering the whole time, it's just now getting loud enough for you to hear it over your hymns.


With the recent election, I think we've finally gotten your attention. You are looking around, and seeing more and more people disagreeing with your doctrine. Abortion is being protected. ID is not making it into public schools as fluidly as you anticipated. And horror of horrors, gay people are being allowed to marry!


Where did you go wrong?


Well, remember that whole "seperation of church and state" thing in the Constitution? You've been working to close the gap on that "seperation" but you forgot to change the educational curriculum to reflect your disdain for the efforts of the founding fathers. When you've got teachers expounding on the importance of the Constitution, and a President who talks about the Constitution as being "just a goddamned piece of paper"....that's blatant enough to make the most politically apathetic teenager put down their gameboy and take notice.


And at no time did you ever consider the idea that the "seperation" was for your own protection. By being seperate from the secular world of politics and parties, you had a safe haven that was critically examined by only a very few.


But now that you have closed the gap between church and state, something you did not anticipate has begun to happen. The perceived failures of the State have been rubbing off on you. As the actions and behaviors of the State have been under scrutiny, so too have your own. Not just by the few, but by a lot of people.


The hypocrisy of christians is no longer viewed as a local phenomenon (just seems to happen a little in the church you go to...but not at other churches) but as standard operating procedure for christians across the country. And pedophile priests and ministers are no longer the punchline of a joke, but a reality you read about at least once a week.


We've been cleaning out your closet for you, and shining bright lights into all the corners. And when we find stuff, instead of carefully nudging it under the rug, we put it where everyone can see it.


And one thing of particular note that people are starting to notice, you guys can't keep the closet clean. We're always finding something else...


Everyone is looking at the man behind the curtain. And more people are deciding that he wasn't who they were taught he was, or that he didn't even exist.


So this is your notice. We are watching you. And your doublespeak explanations aren't going to work on us the same way they work on your fellow happily blind sheep.


Nor can you dazzle us into silence with a single bible verse, because not only do we KNOW that verse, we know the verses on either side. We know that the bible chapter context is wholly different from the one you are trying to convey. See, we kinda figured that since you tried to lie about who you slept with or the money you stole, that you were possibly lying about your book too. So we read it ourselves. And that's given us a whole new insight on not only how much you lie to us now, but how much you've lied in the past.


And thanks to the internet, there really IS a permanent record of the behaviors of public figures! Scandals don't just quietly fade from memory anymore.


So you are on notice. You can either try to clean up your act (haven't been too successful though...have you?), or take a careful step back from the secular arena. Remain apart.


Not that your dogma won't still go under eventually, it just won't sink as fast as the Titanic administrations it likes to attach itself to.



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