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Hate Sells - The Nativity Story Vs The Passion




Now, I will be the first to admit that I haven't seen The Nativity Story yet. But I did see The Passion once it was available to rent (I will wait for the same for The Nativity Story). And my memory isn't ready for the dustbin yet.


One thing I do pay some attention to, is movie reviews and Tops at the box office. People were lined up around the block to see The Passion in 2004 ....while Nativity now in 2006 couldn't even match tap dancing penguins. I listen for the far Right to start raving and insisting their very young children see the Nativity, as they did The Passion, despite the level of violence.....and I hear crickets instead.


Although that's not quite accurate, as has been mentioned in a Thread in the News section.....what we do hear are complaints of 'historical' inaccuracy about things depicted in the movie that don't conform exactly to Catholic tastes. :Wendywhatever:




Movie depicting the birth of a baby of mysterious source accepted by loving parents?

Thumbs down.


Movie depicting the absolute physical thrashing and torture of the resulting adult later in life?

Five star movie! Take your kids! Take your neighbors! Take your neighbor's kids! It's the movie EVERYONE should see!


I think anyone who goes on about "christian love" needs to shut the fuck up. I don't see much expression of "love" happening in your entertainment preferences. If anything....your tastes in entertainment are comparable to those of the ancient romans who you thought were barbaric for subjecting your forebearers to the accepted capital punishment of the time, because they rioted and interfered in the rites and sacred days of other religions. Yeah....that's right...your beloved "martyrs" were intolerant terrorists.


You claim loudly to be against violent movies because you think they create violent kids, but figure kids watching violence is okay when it's JESUS getting his skin whipped off?


But a movie depicting the trials and tribulations of a young pregnant woman struggling through the conventions of the time to give BIRTH to your touted savior? Not worth bothering to see because you already know the story? You already knew Jesus got thrashed, so you already knew that story too....but you all rushed to see the blood flow and the skin rip on the Big Screen.


I can't think of better proof that whatever Jesus may or may not have done in life (if he even existed) doesn't matter one bit to any single one of you blood lusting vultures. All that you can see was his manner of death. So go on wearing your jeweled execution devices around your necks and hammered all over the outsides and insides of your buildings where you talk about how everything should be according to your worldview. Go on and pretend that you are celebrating the birth of your savior when you buy that new game console for your kid this year.


Fuck you and the hypocracy you rode in on.


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