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The Death of Truth




Why are you reading this drivel?


Truth is dead.


I refer not to relativism, in any form. Truth, or reality, as some would call it, does exist. However, the truth is dead not from lack of existance, but from lack of relevance.


In America, the truth has become completely irrelevant to our daily lives. The U.S. invades Iraq, believing Saddam to posses WMDs, and links to al-Quaida, however its spelled. Where are those weapons? Where are those links? Our leaders were wrong. And yet, it doesn't matter. The truth doesn't matter.


There are places in this country, where people are trying to remove science from schools (Namely, evolution). The evolution theory has been examined by scientists, tested by scientists, debated by scientists, and revised by scientists. It has yet to be disproven by anyone, including scientists. The theory still holds after 100+ years. And yet.... What does it matter? If a block of voters can sway or elect officials into supporting their vision, then what does the truth matter in the face of their belief? The truth doesn't matter.


Journalism was once about reporting the facts. The press was a source of truth and objective information. Where is that objectivity now? There are islands here and there. But those voices are hard to find. Instead, one finds obnoxious people given airtime because of how loudly they shout. One finds editorial-as-fact style news. One finds spin. One finds some stories ignored simply because they don't support The Agenda. What do these things have to dowith reporting the facts? Nothing. Ratings are what counts. The truth doesn't matter.


There are many forces out there which find the truth an obstacle to their goals. Religions. Corporations. And governments. And they lie. And they cheat. and they hide the truth. This has been a fact for a long time.


But, there was once consequences for being caught lying. Being caught breaking laws or morals once resulted in punishment. But can we say this is true anymore? Again and again, we catch our leaders in deception, and yet, no consequences have come. They lie, and we know they lie. We've even come to expect them to lie.


And if we expect nothing but lies, how will we know if someone speaks the truth? If we expect people to believe things not because they are true, but because they fit a certain agenda or desire, how will we know when someone really believes something because they know it to be true?


And thus, it may come to be that we won't know the truth even when it looks us in the face. Perhaps it will blend right in with the lies of our daily life. And then truth really will be dead.


Cling to the truth, reality, facts, whatever you want to call it. If you believe the truth has value, you must preserve it. Others are trying to bury it. And the day may come when they will kill you for upholding it, whether "they" are the faithful, the politicians, the businessmen, or anyone else who finds truth interfering in their rise in power.


THe truth is dead. Long live the truth.


(My kingdom for a spellchecker...))



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