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Don't you think you'll have a good time!






After months of first having to correct the same idiocy by production line workers and application programmers over and over again, then having to kill each and every minute separately because for some reason no one crashes any important system anymore, I finally arrived at my three weeks off work. Yep I was happy.

Until I started my TV app yesterday evening.

Wanted to watch one of the few marginally good shows on German TV, and what did I get instead?


White smoke from the Vatican! New pope elected! Yeah!


So I sighed and watched... and hoped it won't be HIM.


Guess what?


Of course.


It IS him. RAT-zinger. Probably the most conservative cardinal of the German catholic church.


Nothing like a new supreme bigot to ruin your (holi)day.


Combine that with my beloved's birthday I can't attend due to urgent financial matters and the death of an uncle (cancer...) and guess how I feel.


Oh well. I guess things can only get better now. Even if only slightly.


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