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Are Caucasians The Lost Tribes Of Israel?

R. S. Martin



Originally posted here.


Very interesting thread. Thanks for all the info on where "we" come from. Somehow, I don't think it's from ancient Israel. But it sure would make sense that I descended from Pagans in northwestern Europe. Some branches of my family can be traced back to Germanic lands (Austria/Germany/Switzerland) after the Reformation. This part of the family has been in North America for about three centuries.


There's another part of my family (great-grandmother) that I don't know how to trace back further than the last three generations before me. It would not suprise me if I were to learn somewhere along the line that I have Native American blood. Surely, with three centuries on North American soil, someone had sex with a Native that ended in a pregnancy if not marriage. The Mennonites claim to have lived peacefully with the Indians.


I have reason to think that the unaccounted ancestory may have been German Lutheran and I think Lutherans were more into missionary activity than the Mennonites. This could have made for very intimate relationships with Natives, of the kind that pass genes to future generations. Then again, someone from that side of the family said our great-grandmother had Jones blood. That would have been English, wouldn't it?


Thus, I may be distantly related to some medieval German or Anglo-Saxon monarch and/or a Mohawk Chief, but very unlikely that I have any of King David's genes.



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