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Charisma Like Hitler




She was immanently charismatic. People wanted to like her. She could be charming and funny and mock-deferential. And once she’d one you over with her “little ole’ me” charm, she could preach fire and brimstone with the best of them.


I didn’t know the word for this magnetic appeal she had till fifth grade, when we were studying World War II, Hitler, and the Nazis. Watching videos of Adolf Hitler speaking before fervent crowds, I recognized that same inspirational quality my grandmother possessed. When she spoke, it sounded like Truth. She was completely sure her beliefs were right and she had unsurpassed conviction. Many people in this world will gladly follow someone of faith, conviction, and passion. And Giggy certainly fit that bill.


I think the primary reason the cult never grew very large or operated more openly is because she is utterly scattered. Keys were lost, money misplaced, and the location of her checkbook a reoccurring mystery. If she’d been organized, or ever picked a competent lieutenant who did not subsequently steal from her and the Ministry, there’s no telling how great the damage may have been.


She was the most Godly woman I’ve ever known.




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