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Why Christianity Sucks




I was on a forum for people of all religions and ever forum I get on this Christian is spewing his bile.


I also been reading my old topics on this forum and other peoples topics and too see a Christian say oh we are going too hell bla bla bla makes me just have too write a rant lol


I decided it's been too long since I have ranted on religion and I thought well I will probally say what I already have lol I been accused of repeating myself


Oh well here goes


1. Christianity sucks cause it claims it's the only true religion


I can't stand this about Christianity do they really think they are the only one who has ever made that claim?


Finding a damn jar with scrolls in it with writing saying stuff about God does not make it true!


If God had stood before the whole world and announced Christianity is the true religion then there wouldn't be a billion diffrent religions.


You think Jesus is the only damn person in history whose ever said they are God? You think Moses is the only person thats ever wrote a book saying God told him too write it?


Who is God? What's God look like? and What did God say too the world? There is over a billion diffrent answers too that question!


People say it's prophecies has come true...So fucking what...you don't think others have predicted stuff that was gonna happen?


Unless you personally talk to God then everything else is gossip to me.


I'm tired of listening too what preachers, books, christians and ever other religion claims.


If God has something to say to me let him say it too me.



2.The Bible has stuff in it only a Christian could believe yet they think we should believe it


If you wasn't raised a Christian and picked up a book that said man came from dust and a woman from a rib, Then a talking snake told them to eat a fruit of the tree of knowledge damning them for all eternity, Then read about Moses parting a sea, Noah putting ever animal that exists in a ark, Jesus was born from a virgin, walks on water, and God crucified him to save the world you'd laugh at it.


The bible has in it human sacrifices, slavery laws, stoning people, it has been used too support slavery, witch burning, killing homosexuals, persecuting people of other religions and bombing abortion clinics


God also supponsingly knows all past, present, future..so he'd know that what ever he created would burn forever in hell.


He also instead of just forgiving us like a loving father would do gave his only son too be whipped and sacrificed on a cross.


What if on the news you heard about a man that had two kids, one sinned and the man killed him too forgive the other one?


3. Christians persecute people


Tell me this is what people following a loving God would do:


1. Took land away from Native Americans, Gave them blankets with small pox, The Christian goverment took kids too put in schools where they wasn't allowed too speak their language or practice their beliefs,


2. Took people from Africa to make slaves, sold husbands from wives, sold kids from their mothers, raped women, then when slavery was outlawed made it where they couldn't used the same fountains, toilets or even be on the sidewalk with a white person in some places. The bible fully supports slavery.


(Exodus 21:20 (New American Standard Bible)


20"If a man strikes his male or female slave with a rod and he dies at his hand, he shall be punished.)


Just one of many examples.


3. Some missionarys preach too starving people overseas, make hospitals, schools and you must convert too be helped.


4. I know people who have had kids took away, lost jobs, heard of people being killed, and been kicked out of apartments cause they were of another religion.


5. Matthew Shepard was killed for being gay, Tempest Smith hung herself cause Christians harrased her for being a Gothic Witch, Gwen Arujo was killed for being a transvestite, Bobby Griffith threw himself off a bridge cause his mom disowned him cause of homosexuality and many others have been killed. All because people were taught being this way is wrong.


If you want too believe it's a sin too be gay, transvestite or a witch fine go ahead live your life! but What gives you the right to persecute people who don't want to live your life.



People want to talk about islamic terrorists bombing the world trade center it's a horrible thing but Christians why don't you look up bombing abortion clinics, Klu Klu Klan, Lynching, Salem Witch Trials,




Jesus details not known


No one knows when Jesus was born, what race he was, what he looked like or anything.


Notice the bible is written by people other than Jesus, The Catholic Church hand picked books from thosands of books and monks hand wrote what was accepted. Your just reading what ever the church wants you too know about. How do you know they didn't put stuff in there that wasn't there? and how do you know for sure Matthew for example wrote word for word what Jesus said?


Ever looked at a Catholic bible and a King James Bible the Catholic bible has books it don't have.


Lots of people want too act like God was standing in the room when they made the bible and Made sure what goes where went there but that is not what happened.


Where was God?


1. Where was God when the world trade center was crashed into?


2. Where was God when preists molest kids?


3. Why does God cause earthquakes, tornados, disease, handicaps and hurricanes


4.Where was God when the Amish kids got shot to death


Oh, it's cause Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit and damned the world.


That's pretty fucked up to allow all that just cause Adam and Eve ate from God's fruit tree.


Don't say pray God shows me the truth either. I wrote a letter to God I have in my blog called "dear God" I think it's about 3 years old. He has not answered it yet!


He never answers to people just read the testamonies here...Don't you think God should have helped people who were loosing their faith in him.


Why are their Atheists? Ever wondered why God would just let someone not believe in him?


I know if I was God I would show myself and say hey I exist!


Why if God had a revealed religion would he allow people too think differently of him.


Don't say free will cause God could still come and Say this is what I want you too do but you don't have too.


Freewill is a joke in Christianity it's choose my way or burn in hell.


If I held a torch too you and said obey me or burn to death would you call it freewill or a threat.


Christianity is dangerous, untrue and it sucks!



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