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Christianity's False Doctrine Concerning Homosexuals




Christianity's False Doctrine Concerning Homosexuals


God did not create man to be heterosexual at the beginning of creation, otherwise why did he bring all of the animals for Adam to have sexual intercourse with before he made the poor fool a woman he could enjoy for himself? He supposedly made man of the dust and there was not enough mud left to make a woman? God showed more compassion to animals, providing them mates for themselves at the time they were created. Man was originally left to explore creation as he chose and in any manner in which he chose, including beastiality and incest.


Has man always been heterosexual in sexual preference or has that mentality only developed after man chose to bond with a woman? Do all cultures share the same opinions about the homosexual lifestyle? Beliefs concerning male and female relationships vary from one country and culture to another. Homosexuality was widely accepted by the world until approximately 600 years after Christ and the rise of Islam. Within Catholicism, homosexuality was well known throughout the church. Over centuries, Christianity developed their theology condemning homosexuals as an abomination by reason of scriptural writings of the Old Testament and New Testament. The scribes are liars.


Christianity takes it upon itself to be the moral voice of the world, when in actuality most Christians have no clue what is right and wrong--they are so blinded by what they are told by the church they are unable to reason for themselves. They have to be told, by scripture and preaching, what to believe and how to behave. They can quote chapter and verse about what they believe because they supposedly find their rant printed nicely out for them in their Bibles. The biggest problem for their assertions is that the word 'homosexual' does not appear anywhere in the Old Testament or the New Testament, leaving the most ardent of believers scrambling to replace the term with whatever fits his or her religious doctrine. The closest word they can attribute God's damnation to is a 'sodomite' or one who is from Sodom. You may recall Sodom to be one of the unfortunate cities God destroyed. The story is found in the Old Testament Book of Genesis. In brief, according to biblical scripture, God sent some angels to the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah to warn a righteous man named Lot that God was going to utterly destroy the inhabitants because he could find none of them righteous. Before Lot and his family could flee the city, the inhabitants attacked the angels with a single-minded purpose of 'knowing' them in the biblical sense. The angels smote them all blind, Lot, his wife and daughters and the angels were able to escape but, God in his wisdom, turned Lot's wife into a pillar of salt because she had to take one last look at the carnage. God's need for anger management is apparent in this story. How petty can a god get for turning someone into a salt-lick because they looked over their shoulder at the sound of death and destruction? Despite the loss of his wife, Lot was still able to procreate with his daughters and continue his lineage. Thus, heterosexuals claim with all self-righteousness, God smote Sodom and Gomorrah because they were homosexuals and spared Lot because he was a heterosexual, an incestuous heterosexual but one none the less! The scribes are liars.


Let's review this story and see what really happened. According to the Book of Genesis, angels appeared to Lot where he lived in Sodom to warn him that God was going to destroy the city as well as Gomorrah because the inhabitants were not righteous in God's eyes. Lot pleaded with God not to destroy the city even for the sake of one righteous man. The angels claimed God would not destroy the city if one righteous man could be found. Well who the hell was Lot if not a righteous man in God's eyes? If the angels came to warn Lot because he was a righteous man, then why didn't he qualify as the single righteous inhabitant of Sodom? God broke his promise to Lot and destroyed the city anyway. Christians point out that the inhabitants of Sodom attacked the angels wanting to have sexual intercourse with them and then the inhabitants were destroyed by God. Thus undeniably showing God's wrath against homosexuals. However, God did not voice his displeasure towards homosexuals over the incident, rather God killed a city full of heterosexuals who were behaving badly! It was not until many centuries later that this story was used to condemn homosexual behavior. Centuries after the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, another mythological figure, Moses, claimed God found homosexuality an abomination. This was after Moses spent many days and nights pounding ten commandments into two rocks that could fit into the palm of one hand. Out of these ten commandments, Moses, or it was attributed to him, gave the Israelites over 600 laws to obey. Among these laws was the rant against homosexuals. Keep in mind that even the Bible's prophets declared the scribes of the word of God to be liars. The ancient scrolls were made from animal hides and sewn together which made the ancient way of cut and paste, unlacing and relacing hides, very convenient and acceptable to the controlling priests that ran the Jewish religion. This is how the laws were added over time. The hides were edited to reveal God's word magically appearing where it did not before and the masses were none the wiser. This is why the ancient prophets declared the scribes to be liars. The condemnation of homosexuality is a biblical lie written many years after Moses was dead and inserted into Old Testament scripture to be enforced under penalty of death. However, the law was never enforced in biblical times. The Bible does not record one incident in which God reprimanded or demanded a person be killed for being a homosexual or having been found in the act of homosexual intercourse. If you were one of the thousands of Israelites being led by the nose by Moses around the desert for 40 years, and you were gay, don't you think their all-knowing God, that knows everyone's hearts and minds, would have stopped the caravan and said something to someone and have you killed? There are many stories about God ordering someone's death and destruction for all kinds of infractions but none are found for homosexuality. Why? Because the law against homosexuality is a lie. The scribes are liars.


The Bible demands death for many infractions of the law that are noted as an abomination. The term 'abomination' in English signifies that which is exceptionally loathsome, hateful, wicked, or vile. An abomination occurs because whatever an abomination is, falls outside of normality as defined by Christianity and not humanity. An abomination is not expected but is a freak of nature. If the God of the Christian and Jewish Bible is all knowing then he should have foreseen the possibility that humanity would develop a sexual interest in each other, including an interest in the same sex. The fact that the Bible declares God's surprise and declaration of homosexual as an abomination demonstrates the law was written based on the ignorance of a human and not God's oration to Moses. The scribes are liars.


Need more proof? Consider the love affair between David and Jonathan, two Old Testament heroes. Throughout their love affair, God does not berate David and his playmate for being homosexuals. God does not bring any condemnation against David for being gay. God's only rant dealt with a woman David had an affair with and the woman's husband whom David had murdered. God chastised him for behaving badly with a woman. God had ample opportunity to smite him where he stood but remained silent concerning his homosexuality. Why? Because God accepted his homosexual nature as normal behavior. Only man declares it an abomination. The scribes are liars.


There is a lot of nonsense written in the Bible concerning 'sodomites'. In fact, the word 'Sodomite' is a deliberate mistranslation of the original text in order to inject a specific doctrine into the Bible. The word 'sodomite' became synonymous with homosexuality sometime around the Dark Ages when the Christian church ruled the world with an iron rod from Rome. Over the centuries the Protestants have also taken up the mantle of gay-bashing, sometimes literally justifying their rampage is in accordance with scripture. They never brag about assaulting anyone because of Jesus Christ telling them to do so but rather scripture guides them, not the Holy Ghost. Even though Christians will swear they are ruled by the Holy Ghost and love everybody but hate the sin, they will use scripture to give credibility to their violence and outspoken hatred towards whatever they believe is in violation of biblical scripture. This outspoken hatred includes homosexuals. The Christian modernist decrying God's condemnation of homosexuals bases his opinion upon ancient scriptures written by unknown authors, scriptures shown to be untrue by wording alone. Homosexuality is and has always been an acceptable expression of love and affection perverted only by the minds of religious fanatics bent on controlling every aspect of our lives from birth to the grave, including who we choose to share our lives with.


The scribes are liars.



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