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Mythbusters / Mythbusting




When I first showed (up)-(up) here into Aberdeen, Washington of June 2007. The First Television Program that I found on the DISCOVERY CHANNEL where the 'MYTHBUSTERS'. It was hard to watch it thoroughly, because I hate commercial interuptions and the jumping around in the program where as they have to overlap and preview the previous scenes where they always had leftoff at from the commerical breaks. So I hadn't been able to watch a pretty good amount of their program episodes with COMCAST TV Broadcasting trying to mess it up along with it. But I had been thinking about what the Guys do to prove Myths as 'BUSTED', 'PLAUSIBLE' or 'CONFIRMED'. Now when it comes to looking at Religions and Faiths of any kind. And after watching 'U.F.O. HUNTERS' on the HISTORY CHANNEL. Why can't Christianity and the idea of any GOD be Myth Tested? And what would the Verdic be?


'BUSTED' The Outcome = ATHEIST


'CONFIRMED' = So the Theist where right.


Another thing about all this in my question is if such a GOD was 'CONFIRMED' Is it really as 'LOVING' as all make such 'Claims'?


Does it really Love Us? Is such a GOD not really concerned about Us? Or is such a GOD really the Devil in Disguise? KatieHmm.gif



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