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The Use Of God # 1




There is times to me, that between having the Atheist trying to explain to the Theist out here in this world. Why some of us don't care to buy into a GOD belief.


People want to believe there is a GOD (In my own mind and thinking). Because it's like saying "I have the Goverment that backs me up for what I believe in"


So people in their GOD beliefs by having their beliefs. Try to be telling us all "I'm right because I have GOD to back me up with and for it." "I have the powers of the Universe backing me up for what I believe in and do. GOD told me this or to do that. I'm backed up for what I do or have done."


Now another issue. Haven't we all said that "Doing a wrong (for and from) a wrong doesn't justify anything?" I'm tired of Christianity thinking the greatest Love a GOD has for us is making a Sacrafice for our wrongs. As well I'm trying to think about how Sex can be a showing of Love also. But of course some of life's sexual abuses have been turning histories thinking of people that Sex is very abusive and bad. When on a better introspection that I'm having, It has the potential in my mind being a better example of Love. So then if we hate abuses. I have felt and thought of Sacrafices having and being abusive also. So I have been always disturbed that a GOD likes using a form of abuse "Sacrafices" to justify human's abuses. A wrong for a wrong. At trying to say we are saved now.


In my Mind. My belief of LOVE is showing an example. If there is LOVE to offer, I think it should be an example of something Good and not An Abuse. Not using an abuse for trying to justify those who have done abuses in their lives. And thinking 'Oh that's Love'. Sacrafices actually comes from our evolutional myths further into the past. Why is it when looking further into the past in discovering the Mayan Aztec Ruins in South America before Adam & Eve came about. The Cullture was obsessed with Sacrafices? Something Christians are always offended about what is discovered in Science. There where of the Truths of Charles Darwin, Discovering Dinasaurs and Carl Sagan as we try to discover more unbroken myths in the Universe. But people today are frightened to stay Loyal to this GOD belief.


So in my mind GOD is only used. Used for people to think they have the power backing them up for their own ignoance.




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