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The Use Of God # 2






There is times to me, that between having the Atheist trying to explain to the Theist out here in this world. Why some of us don't care to buy into a GOD belief. 


I saw a member here: 'QuidEstCaritas?-' who had his comment on: ANY GODS: "God is a political control device" Which is exactly what I think also. Further into The Use of God. "God is a political control device" 


In my mind. For the History of having a Jesus, Jesus was a Robot. He represented what the Jewish Culture has always believed in and Jesus was only representing what the Jewish Culture only wanted to be represented for. Everything was conditional & dictated to Jesus and became the Jewish Spokesman. That's what I believe. And I think life has more value beyond this biasness. Restricting ideas outside of a closed mindedness box of living life on Earth and the Universe. I had a saying "Penguins lead and walk among ice frolics and ice bergs. It's not all in green pastures for which I get annoyed about."


(Noting how I got my Avater here? *)


With what is all going on in the world, if it isn't the Use Of God, it is the Use of those trying to have Power to control humanity.


I have been watching Jessie Ventura on channel TruTV49 on Wednesdays on the Conspirasy Theories. And he has really been digging into the High Powers going on in this world that want to get control of us. Probably with God or something else (??? I don't know).


For me in trying to expect of finding me a woman from the Love of God is as trying to find my life's mate. I always hate it, when woman want all the focus on God rather on the them. Women that don't really want intimacy from men, but only wanting protection for themselves. Yet they still don't get it, when I tell them. I don't see any real Love from a GOD. When all hell breaks lose from trying to find the harmony.


Since I can't find this woman for my life. I would say it would be a miracle from God if I ever was able to find her. But actually if I could get that Miracle even in a world that is void of such things. That would be assume yet. It would just be the common grounds, if that would ever get noticed.




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