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So, yeah. I haven't been posting on ThinkingTeen because WordPress decided to be fucking retarded and not accept my password. fuck you too, WordPress. Nobody other than Ex-Cers even read this, so this is my new blog, if anyoen wishes to read it.


So I've officially left the Toxic Forum. For real this time. I know I've posted about it 9000 times in hte Rants section, but I'm done with it. I still keep in touch with the friends I made on there, though most of them left way before I did, either becuase they had school or they jsut hated the place more. I haven't been on in months. I did leave a very angry message... but still, they somehow don't hate me. Right. They jsut think I'm some shallow, whiny teenager who just wants attention, probably, which I'm sure they were thinking before when I was still there and "not contributing anything positive" and "being angry all the time" and shit. Yeah, they'd be pissed off all the time to if they were completely alone in a school they'd had plenty of friends in for the 3 years previous to that, and if they had a shitload of classes, and work, and just overall other bullshit going on. Sorry that I couldn't exactly keepmy temper in, assholes. And what's more is, anything they bitch about is automatically worse than anything I bitch about, jsut because they're 25 and I'm 1718 now. Anyway....


Now I have prom to worry about. I'm most likely not going, which sucks, becuase I want to. I jsut can't find a dress or a date. I could go with my friends, which I was planning on last year, but only one went and she had a date. The others decided to skip it, one because she was receiving death threats from someone else's date... yeah. Ah well. even if I do have someone to go with this year, either date or lesbian friend, I'm never going to find a dress. Ever. they don't make dresses that damn small and if they do, they're skanky (I've already browsed jsut about every site I can think of). Or they're $400 (not skanky AND $400). Why is it that the bigger girls can find cheap dresses that don't bare everything to the world? It gives a whole new meaning to "cheap hooker". It also feeds into everyone's stupid fucking misconception that skinny=skanky, and I'm the most prudish person I know. And among the smallest (that's my age). wtf. So yeah, no dress. I'm going to look awful thanks to the horrible band tan I've had since 9th grade. It doens't help that I'm uber-pale and the band tan is the only tan I have. If I need a tan, I need to start tanning now. Which means laying in a UV ray casket thing for 5 minutes. No, really, 5 minutes. Any more than that and I'd fry. fuuuuuuuuuck.


so there's my rants for today. enjoy.



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