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The Christian God Is Too Small.




The Christian god is male. His character is conveyed through a book, the Bible. He is loving, and he has a son (John 3:16). He has experienced feelings of regret (Genesis 6:6, Exodus 32:14, 1 Samuel 15:35). He laughs (Psalm 2:4). He takes revenge on those who do things of which he does not approve (Romans 12:19).


According to the Bible, the Christian god has human attributes, and he can be made known. He acts very much like the gods of other pantheons.


Why? Because this god is of human origin. This god is man-made.


If a God exists, then that God is beyond us, and cannot be named or known. Yet, even to say that this God cannot be named or known is to set up limitation. This God has no human parameters, and is thus the culmination of all possibilities.



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