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Mosquito BBQ

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Mosquito Bbq




Look into my eyes.

See me full of surprise.

See me burning with demise.

Hate arise, justice serviced at sunrise.

The time is here and now so surmise.

There’s no knowledge inside.

Take the bus for a ride.

Fill up your backpack with formaldehyde.

One more minute until arrival now run and hide.


Input the answers to your questions.

I have no understanding so I’m all for guessing.

I once had a home but the mosquitoes got me arrested.

Said I was a blood sucker without work invested.

Took the shortcut to the central blood bank for my daily bread.

Found a funnel with a tube and drank myself dead.

The children were looking at me like they were disgusted.

The adults cheered because Jesus Christ was now digested.


God said let there be light and congress scattered.

Like cockroaches into pop cans under the rafters.

I’m not very concerned about life hereafter.

I can’t seem to concentrate with all the laughter.

The devil is sitting behind me playing poker reminiscing about natural disasters.

The world might be crumbling but Tiger Woods flopped at the masters.

The world is melting but Lindsay Lohan just got out of prison so it doesn’t matter.

World news organizations deliver news by the kilobyte to keep our minds scattered.

I think on the eighth day God transformed into the mad hatter.


I’m hanging out at a mosquito barbecue.

No repellents to keep them from eating you.

Mr. Pig and Cow sitting at a table with a view.

Asking the waiter for the dinner menu.

Will you have the daily special of freshly ground human stew?

Don’t worry we ensure you they were extensively abused.

Kept in a box, legs broken and their flesh beaten and bruised.

If you’re stupid and naive we could always microwave some tofu.


Welcome to the mosquito barbecue.





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