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Being A Woman In A Christian World




Being a woman in a Christian world isn't at all like being a man, I think. We are to be submissive and let god, Jesus, our fathers and our husbands all tell us what to do and think. It never has seemed like a healthy lifestyle for women. I am glad I got out.



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Hi renoliz,


I know what you mean. I've never been submissive but even so, I think it is very different for me being female and an atheist (my husband is still a moderate xtian) than it is for my atheist male friends. But I'm still glad I got out too.

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aw, i think there is a misunderstanding in my opinion, being under submission to a husband does mean being controled and told waht to do as a mandatory theory with not exceptiona dn no counter argument. Sub means under and mission simply means goal or dream or task. So you are just supporting what he does and the Man is to love his women and respect her needs and desires along with making the ebst choice for the family but talked thru with the wife but ultimately wife and husband must obey christ first. If one person seems tood emanding and immoral the wife has the duty to obey christ, and so i can understna dif you leave your husband if he is impractical demanding and not loving becuase tha tis not what Gods calls a mant o be or how to act.

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