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Back Down To Earth




Ok, enough about ceremonies and religious practices. Let's get down to reality (what's that?).


I have a Facebook friend who posts that her life's theme song is "I Learned the Truth at 17". That is a song that Janis Ian did in circa 1973 all about how she was ugly at 17 and would never have anyone to love, unlike the beautiful and popular people.


It is not the Truth with a capital "T". It is a lie. It might be true if you are 15 or as the song says, 17, but for a person in their 50s? Why would anyone dwell on such a thing?


I hardly knew what to write to her. How can you be stuck in such a place? We are what we think about, and we label ourselves.


I wrote her that "No offense, but I hate this song. It isn't the truth." Then she erased the whole thing the next day.



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