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You know, some people get really uptight if you use a word outside of its normal dictionary meaning. Some people also get into hysterics if you spell a word wrong or use poor grammar. I'm not one of those people. I do think though we should value the meaning of words in general. My main issue is that today's culture is so "politically correct" that certain words are just thrown out there without much consideration as to the impact of those words. For example, people throw out accusations of racism, sexism and so forth with little thought as to what those words mean or how people as a whole may understand them.


For example, when you call someone a racist nowadays you are saying that this person is a racial supremacist. This person believes that their race is superior to other races. Now the degree of inferiority he considers other races to be can greatly vary. It could be that he thinks his race has certain superior attributes like intelligence and the other primitive races may outclass him in other areas which he considers insignificant. He doesn't necessarily mind these other races but he simply believes that his race is inherently superior.


Then of course you can kick that up a notch where you may have people consider other races to be vastly inferior and not only are they inferior but they are a detriment to society and must be eliminated from society in order for society to progress and move on. This is the more extreme view and it's the view held by many Nationalists in Russia and other countries today. Not to mention it is held by many Neo-Nazis in various countries around the world.


So, with this background information in mind you can see how it can be irritating (for me at least) to see that accusation thrown around willy nilly. For example, I know people who are really really racist, who make statements like "Non whites are a scourge to this country of ours and need to be wiped off the face of the planet". These people are scum and deserve to be called racist and everything inside of me what to hurt them physically for the harm they've caused people both by their words and by their actions. Then there are people who make comments related to race who are called racist but actually aren't racist in the normally understood way (i.e. one who believes them and their race are superior to others of other races).


For example, if I make an observation that races A, B and C are tight with their money and don't tip I will be called a racist by most leftists. If I say that I believe that people should marry within their race I will once again be called racist. If I present statistics and other forms of evidence proving some point racially speaking, once again I am called a racist. None of these things are racist in our normal understanding of the word. The first example is an example of falling prey to stereotypes, the second could have an underlying racist agenda but from the people I know who hold this view, it is merely ignorance on their part as opposed to racism. Lastly, the final example is cold hard facts from which we should agree or dismiss depending on how reliable these "facts" are.


Anyways, I wish we will be more careful as a whole when we throw out these terms because they are dangerous accusations. Simply because someone makes a comment that reflects negatively upon a race doesn't mean they're automatically racist. I can say many negative things about white people but that doesn't make me a self hating white nor would it make me a racist :) Anyways, I think my next post will deal with stereotypes.



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