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There Is No Compulsion In Religion




This blog title actually comes from the Quran funnily enough. I cannot help but be drawn to religion, not in the sense of converting to a religion but it's just a topic that fascinates me and to an extant, is holding me captive. I want to know everything there is to know about various religious beliefs and philosophies, I want to know more about man and his origins and genetic make up, I want to know where we go after we die and I want to know what is right and what is wrong in the whole scheme of things but the answer is unfortunately unreachable. I really wish I was like other people who can just push the whole topic aside and not think about it too much. For it to just be a interesting topic but no more so than anything else. I wish it didn't consume my thoughts day in and day out but it does and it doesn't stop, it doesn't relinquish, it won't let me go.


I live a life of tunnel vision, just focused on one particular topic and that really blows sometimes. I really wish that this topic didn't burden me. As I was thinking about all this, it made me think of some of the ex-cs here married to fundies and how that must be a continually process of stepping on eggshells and how some need to live a double life to keep everything together. It then dawned on me that someone I know might be a closet unbeliever. I know someone who was in the ministry and had a fall out due to some "sexual sins" and then "backslided" for a period of several years. When his wife had enough of his "bad influence" on the kids, she gave him an ultimatum, get your shit together or we're having a divorce. He then "miracously" got back on fire for God and has now worked his way up the ranks to one of the 3 elders at my former church. There are a few things that always rang alarm bells for me with some more recent information it all is starting to fall in place. How very sad.


Anyways, take care everyone!


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Your just coming off a lover affair! Be easy! When you get tired of beating yourself up you'll be OK.


Hugh Prather said it like this: "I dismiss what I believe someone [or something: a religion, cult, organization] has done to me when I see that it is not worth thinking about."


I'll never forget my first AA meeting. An old sober alcoholic whispered to me after our group meeting: "my young friend you need to 'fire' your concept of god. When you do you can work with the "opium" that is religion and not get hooked." "Other wise" he said "you will always be a 'user'-- no good to yourself or good to the world or anyone you love." "You know your hooked" he said "when you can't eat, you can't sleep and the only thing you think about is how you can I get "a little help from my Friend."


I took the old sober drunks advice. I put a Donald Trump on my idea of god, 'you're fired". He was correct, my old 'dried out' friend.  Religion no longer is a compulsion. I'm no longer obsessed by religion. No longer driven to it or by it. Religion is another topic of which I'm thoroughly intrigued not addicted. (Maybe too, I'm just a good politician who changes word meanings so that they are more palpable and I feel so much better? Maybe?)  


Ponder this: I am not a victim of what I chose before or may choose later; I pick my feelings and actions at the time they occur and in this happy fact lies my freedom. (Deluded? You decide)


Does it ring with a sound of good news?


"Take'en care every day,"



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