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I've studied, dealt with, and periodically have honored/followed the Norse pantheon for years, finding solace with Odin, Thor, and Freyja. But one God I never dealt with was the god of trickery, Loki.


In January I had a dream about Mayhem and at first I was pretty sure it wasn't really Mayhem, but someone else possibly masquerading as him. So I thought about it and eventually came up with the conclusion that Mayhem = Loki.


(if you don't know who Mayhem is, he's a character in the Allstate TV advertisements. Here's a link to a video featuring him



Makes sense. The one God I used to fear, and never ever even spoke his name in fear I might accidentally summon him, has decided to contact me.


I don't fear him. Mayhem is hot, I just tell Loki to keep appearing in that form.


In recent days I have also had contact with Odin once again too. Seems like the Old Man and his trickster friend haven't forgotten about me.


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Since the "all-in-one" god is dead and I'm worn out with the god game, I lose, the gods win. I wonder what god is smiling on my life now that I've conceded the game?


This is how I feel NOW

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