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Relationship With The Old Man




Lately, while I have found solace and fellowship in Christianity, Odin has been just outside the door, knocking, waiting for me to answer.


Metaphorically, lately, he has followed me when I left the house, so to speak, and found me someplace where there are no barriers between me and him.


It's a strange feeling, meeting Odin. He knows me. That's the biggest feeling I get when he's around. And when I say that, it's not like a friend would know me. This is a very intimate thing. I'm not real sure how he could know me so well, perhaps I was dedicated to him in a past life and spent some time in Valhalla before reincarnating here.


Of course, all of that is just a random theory. :D


I was at a concert the other night, amongst a crowd, when I felt the Old Man's presence. I realized that he could become physical, walk up and stand next to me and I'd probably have no idea.


He's like the Father I never met, but yet someone who has followed my life, checking in once so often to see how things were. Though I never knew him until somehow, one day, I found myself doing research to find out who He is.


Then I took his mark: I got his Valknot tattooed on my arm. I don't regret it. Though I am marked as His now. And that means I am stuck with him. Mind you, this is not a bad thing. I enjoy his company, he is very protective of me and very wise. Very masculine and very strong.


I think as long as He's around things are bound to be interesting. :lol:



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