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Let's see what this does...




Well then. First post on my first blog. I haven't spent much time reading these things, so I don't know exactly what I'm supposed to do here.


I suppose I should start with what I'm doing. Just sitting around at the moment... started this blog on a whim in fact. I'll probably be browsing the other blogs on the forum... see how other people do it.


Waiting on an email from a good friend of mine... I haven't heard from her in a while and I'm getting a little worried.


Beyond that, I'm trying not to fret too much. Thinking about cracking one of my programming books or reading some of the pagan sites I've found on the 'net.


I've found some very nice P2P programs, they look great... lot better than Napster back in the day FrogsToadBigGrin.gif.


Anyhow. I'm also feeling oddly proud of my nick today... I've always liked Merlin, and the suffix I had to stick on it, fmct87, but today it seems oddly fitting... like a jacket that you have broken in just right. Strange.


Anyhow. I should probably work on my satire, since geez just posted a new one on his. He actually used my rebuttal... that was so cool. Man, I was floored when I read that! THANKS GEEZ!





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My favorite P2P is Bit Torrent (G3Torrent).

Kind of slow and suck some bandwidth, but it just keeps on chugging away on the files.




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I'm new too the whole blogging thing myself....... So far your's looks really good!! smile.gif


I had the same Idea, I was reading others to find out how it was really done.. wink.gif

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Thank you!


I have zero experience with blogs... I'm flying by the seat of my pants here. It's very good to hear the flight is plesant!


Thanks again...



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