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Evangelical Scientists Coming Around?




I saw this blog entry and connected article on Facebook (http://biologos.org/blog/biologos-and-the-june-2011-christianity-today-cover-story/) and I was amazed that an organization that is committed to "Science And Faith In Dialogue" would admit that we evolved and that Genesis 1 is a story. Of course, for fundamentalist like I was, this is earth-shattering because if we take away creation the whole thing falls apart. God's headship, man's dominion, the fall, sin and ultimately salvation. If there was no fall, there is no need for a savior, therefore Jesus is called into question (we won't talk about the fact that there is scant evidence that the Jesus of Christianity actually existed).


Naturally this is only a problem for the thinking fundamentalist (no, I don't think that is an oxymoron!). For he will realize the significance of BioLogos' statement and if he evaluates honestly, he will have to leave Jesus behind. On the other hand, this is no problem for the sheeples, for they will either ignore it, berate BioLogos as a compromising organization that can't be trusted or figure out some other way to explain them away. But they WILL NOT question their preacher, their doctrine or their bible.


I'll be interested to see how or if this impacts the evangelical community.



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