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Why Didn't Jesus Write Anything Down?




Here is a question I have about Jesus. Why didn’t he take the time to write anything down himself?


As I understand it, the basic message of Christianity is this: That God had a message so important for human kind that it would provide a way for each individual to avoid everlasting torment in hell. To do this he had to become a human in the form of Jesus Christ to bring this message to humankind.


So he shows up in the bronze age, and instead of spending his 33 or so years on writing this message down clearly in way that would not be confusing, he relies on the visions and dreams of people who didn’t bother to write about what he said until many years after he died.


If Jesus was the incarnation of the mind of God, couldn’t he have been the most compelling, persuasive author of all time? Couldn’t he have written down this message in all know human languages?


Instead the message of Christianity relies on copies of copies of copies of writings where no originals exist, and different account in the gospels have contradictions and discrepancies.


The people today have to take it on faith that the New Testament writers got it correct, and 2000 years later there are groups of remote people who still haven’t been reached with this message.


This doesn’t sound like a very well thought out plan.



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In addition, why would God choose written manuscripts to transmit such important information? Especially since for most of human history, most people couldn't afford books and were illiterate anyway. That meant that until some time after Gutenberg, most people heard only whatever passages of scripture someone might read from the pulpit now and then, and probably with some sectarian spin on it, too. Even today, significant groups of people have minimal access to the written word and must make do with here-say.


When you think about it, it would have been no harder for an omnipotent God to drop the info into everyone's brain along with the "correct" understanding and application. Instead we have a multiplicity of interpretations and denominations, and not just in Christianity but in all the major faiths.

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Good question, and why is it that it was a one time deal. Why can't he or won't he show us now after so many years of political manipulation re-communicate his "word" to us.

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