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Xianity vs Advertising




I've been looking at Xianity and corporate advertising for a long time, now, and I can't help but notice some similarity between their sales pitch.


Step 1: Convince the people they have a need or flaw that isn't being met or compensated.


Xianity: All have sinned, and fall short of the glory of God. Sin keeps us apart from God, and prevents us from being good and happy.


Corporate advertising: You're not attractive because you're not a carbon copy of Pamela Anderson or Brad pitt. You need bigger breasts/less fat/more hair/etc. You need more energy to get through the day. You're not getting enough sex.


Step 2: Convince them they can't fix this need or flaw by themselves.


X: You can't save yourself. Works alone can't get you into heaven. There is nothing you can do to remove the stain of sin.


C: You can't loose weight because of your metabolism. Genetics are to blame for your baldness. Erectile dysfunction becomes more common as you age.


Step 3: Reveal your product as the solution.


X: You can't erase your sins. But Jesus can! Only the blood of the Lamb can wash you clean.


C: Our pill/diet will help you loose weight/regrow your hair/give you energy to get through the day/help you last during sex.


So, tell me: Is there a Madison ave. in Jeruselum?




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