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Everything Old Is New Again...




The day that I finally admitted to myself that "I am not a christian" anymore, I had mixed feelings. I was relieved on one hand and surprisingly at peace ironically.I didn't KNOW for sure that "not being" something would lead to BEING ME in a new way...that is why I named myself NEWsong for this forum. In christian circles, this means something else but it applies to my life. I am musical and have sung my WHOLE life so far and intend on continuing to sing.


I am not sure "what" my NEW song consists of but I know that it is not delusion and myth and "hoping against hope" for something in my life.I feel, for the first time, that I am MORE spiritual and honest and truly JOYFUL than ever before...


Thanks for reading and please leave a comment and/or question to continue to prompt my critical thinking and logical reasoning skills...I appreciate it!!!





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