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Following My Bliss




I've really enjoyed and gotten much clarity about religion from watching Joseph Campbell "Power of Myth" DVDs. I think I started watching them in April 2011. I had been working through emotional issues of dealing with and divorcing a "religious controller and abuser" and had not been influenced by "the church" for about 6 months at that point but I still felt a reluctance about watching and "accepting the truth" that I would find there.


I remember watching the first three or four episodes before I could feel that the "irrational guard of my religion" would stop arguing and I could "relax" and "take in" the information rather than fight with or against the usual christian arguments as to why I should not believe what I was hearing.


Joseph Campbell's demeanour; one of true compassion and educational fervor, really convinced me that he was not a "christian hater" but that he LOVED myth and saw and spoke of the REAL PURPOSE for myth in our lives. This intrigued and impressed me to watch further.


Now, for me, Christianity is JUST ANOTHER MYTH...not a bad one but NOT AN ORIGINAL ONE EITHER. I still think Jesus is cool...probably always will. He was a close friend for many years and I shared the deepest and darkest parts of my heart with him. But I realize NOW, that MYTH is just that, MYTH. To hold onto the myth of christianity is NO DIFFERENT for me than someone holding onto the myth of other religions.


Following my Bliss...now THAT is a "reality" that I can follow.



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Joe Campbell taught me that in a strict sense Myth refers to "an intricate set of interlocking stories, rituals, rites, and customs that inform and give the piviotal sense of meaning and direction to a person, family, community, or culture." Myth is the "structure" upon which we hang the overarching

truths of our personal and social lives.


I'm indebted to Joseph Campbell and Sam Keen in the work they did together in combining the methods of recovering personal mythology with relection on classical mythological themes.


Together these two men helped me discover the myths that I live! I'm always rewriting my story, those preconscious myths that inform and animate my life!

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Thanks for your reply, asanerman...Yes, "recovering personal mythology" is part of my path (of deconversion). I have discovered that the christian mythos is used more to excuse a person from responsibility for their behavior (kinda inverse "the devil made me do it") resulting in feigned self-degradation and humility (which is a virtue). I have learned SO much about myself on this walk. Mythos in general are not bad things; like guns, they do not kill people...People kill people (by using the mythos as a weapon) imho...

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