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Being No Longer Deluded Has Helped In Other Areas Of My Life




blog-0286727001329316630.jpgI have had another epiphany. Upon deconversion from christianity, I see that I have been DELUDED and in denial about my loved ones borderline personality disorder as well. I have been wondering for the past year WHY he has acted in ways and raged and "lost all mental control" and allowed his emotions to engulf him to the point of not being able to even "logically talk" to him. It has been enlightening to see that my delusion of faith in christianity had affected ALL areas of my life. This angers me a bit and then again, it confirms what I have said "christianity and being married TO a christian AS a christian KEPT me in an abusive marriage". I truly believe this...


I am really feeling "blessed" and "grateful" to have acquired the truth and knowledge of my delusion of christianity in order to see things as they really are with my true love. I feel MORE hopeful of his ability to overcome his inner turmoil and "take control" of himself so we can have the wonderful life and love that WE BOTH KNOW that we have...it is just being overshadowed by the BPD "demon". I have suggested counseling and am going to "stand by my man"...


Thanks for reading; comments are VERY appreciated. Anyone have a relationship with a personality disordered person??? Would love to talk more about it (especially since he is not christian/religious/etc.)


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Albert nailed it in part!


Interpersonal patterns, both, my own and those of my "significant" other(s), have a huge impact on relationship(s).


To love, to care deeply, goes beyond reason, beyond problem solving.


Love has no-thing to gain. no-thing to lose, no-thing to win, no-thing to prove.


When acceptance is total, utter--one knows what care is and is fulfilled through caring and being cared for. In both loving and being loved the other is helped immensely.


When loving care has no business in it, no ambitions--love flourishes, all things change for no reason, for nothing.


I'm often surprised when loving life (my own and the life of others) for no-thing-- "Good grief" (problem solving) abounds! The bitch is still in the details not in the one loved.


I rejoice and weep, I wound and am wounded, I heal and am healed for no reason, for what--but to love!



A fellow struggler

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