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I Really Hate The Religious Agenda And How It "kills" The Spirit





"I am a deeply religious nonbeliever -

this is a somewhat new kind of religion."

- Albert Einstein


I just ran across this quote and feel like rambling a little bit about it; hope you don't mind...I certainly hope that Albert Einstein did not really mean that "it is somewhat new kind of RELIGION". After realizing how damaging and even murderous "religion" has been to the spirits of so many people (not excluding those who are STILL in delusion), I find the thought SO abhorrent!!!


Religion had been a set of guidelines to give structure and order to my life. It felt safe and secure to "believe in something bigger than myself" and "give myself over" to it. I speak of this as the "christian box". One pastor who I had admired up until the time of our last meeting, had previously said that "We put god in a box and then jump in there with him"...I thought that was really profound and something to consider...as being a christian; I see it IN THE LIGHT now. Our last meeting with him, he arrogantly told my husband that "People who are non believers don't feel a need to trust Christ especially if they are intelligent and wealthy; they are spiritually immature and trusting in themselves". OOOOOOOOOO, that really ticked my husband off. Being the intelligent spiritual but NOT christian man that he is; he was "kind" and did not really fire back but even told the pastor how that comment could only be seen as "insulting and arrogantly degrading".


So here...the Pastor who talks about "jumping into the box" with god...was telling ME to "GET BACK INTO MY christian box" so that I would not consider being with and then marrying my first love. THIS agenda; stifling true love because "he was not a christian" really WOKE ME UP.


I had been married to TWO, not one but TWO, "christian" men...the first one being passive aggressive porn addict (oh, but he was a christian!! rolling eyes) and the second, "controlling religious abuser good guy christian" *SO deluded as to call himself a PROPHET OF GOD...wtf??? I think that he actually is Obsessive Compulsive AND Narcissistic personality disordered or mentally ILL.


I will NOT be jumping into ANY boxes again. Living and thinking "outside the box" is a much better life for me!



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