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The Ultimate Solution To Most Telemarketing Annoyances




blog-0259387001331045976.jpgHahhaa, just found a great way to counter telemarketers without going to the extreme of threatening their happiness or life.


Had a woman call me up trying to sell me a security system with Brinks. I let her go through her script, then I asked her (quite seriously toned) if she believed in Jesus Christ. She paused, answers yes, and tries to continue with her sale. I interrupt her and ask her why she would sell me a security system if she believes in Jesus Christ? She pauses, tries to say a security system would protect my family even more....


Wow...way to testify, right? Goes to show how easily a person will sell out their savior for a commission.


I then ask her if it is really all that horrible for my children to possibly be raped or murdered in my home when ultimately, they will go to Heaven and be in the best place anyhow?


Couldn't have heard a pin drop. Just a click from her line hanging up.


And I began thinking, this would work very well on MANY MANY different types of sales calls. I realize not everyone is religious, but chances are very high that even if they are not, they might lie and claim to be so in order to make a sale, THUS bringing on a dialogue that creates a lot of mixed emotions: Shock at such a view, laughter at the ridiculousness of it, and thought on how it might reflect in their own life.


I hope I get the sales calls for the trips soon. They normally start ringing the house up a lot this time of year with Summer around the corner. I can hear them offering me a 14 day Carnival cruise to the Bahamas, and I will ask them if it really is the paradise it is made out to be. I am sure they will. And then, again, I will ask if they believe in Jesus Christ. And if they do, I am going to again ask why would I waste my earthly monies on material pleasures when I can give it all to my church and wait for the day I die to enjoy the only true Paradise known as Heaven! XD



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Not good enough. Tell them to put you on their Do Not Call list...changing your number to an unlisted/private one and being extra careful who you give your new number to will work as well.

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Well, I DO that, but you have the upto a week long window where they will still call you. And I wish it were possible to not have my number handed out, but when you get a "new" number, often it is already attached to the previous user's account histories or is already sold on a list. So, I have some fun while slowly getting the number off the auto dialers

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You have just given me an idea. I'm going to be buying a car soon, and when I do, I'll ask that of the salesman. In this town there is a high probability that he or she will be a Christian. Then I'll say, "Good. Then you won't try to cheat me, will you?"


Of course, they still will, so I won't let my guard down. But at least I've planted some guilt into their subconscious.

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That's why I love caller ID; if I don't recognize a number; they can leave a message that I will delete when it is more convenient for me without wasting my present time.

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