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for the hell of it.




Since I have this blog now, I guess I might as well use it. This will probably be the first of...one entries that I make in this section, the purpose of obtaining this blog was mainly for my stories that are soon to come.


The reason I decided to make an entry here is to blurt out some shit that's happened recently. I found out that a friend of

mine died last Monday. Kid named Josh. I'm a little

broken up about it, although not too much given that

we weren't horribly close, given an age disparity and the lack of opportunities to hang, and I kinda saw it coming. Y'see, he had some brain condition or

other, and was prone to seizures of one sort or

another. He went into the hospital in like 03, and

we were afraid he was gonna go out then, but he

pulled through. From what we understand, he went to

bed on Monday night and just conked out for good

while he slept.


The kid was brilliant. Only guy I could talk to on

a true intellectual level, and he was like 4 years

my junior (16 or 17), which made it even more spectacular (and

me a little jealous). Only other black guy I knew, besides myself, that couldn't play a lick of basketball. Alternative, deep thinker, different, just like me. I wanted to get back in touch with him because he was just plain cool, and smart,

and that's what I was thinking about at the

beginning of last week. Makes me put some more

validity to intuition, because I also kept thinking

about his delicate condition and what would happen

if he did die.


If I were the 'why me' type, or the 'why him, or

them' type, I'd wonder why someone like him, who wanted to live, and who could have contributed so much would just go out before he had a chance.


Thanks for reading.




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