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Deep Breaths...




Phew. Don't think I should look too closely at TFN... a lot of the threads scare me. Yes, scare me. One can't help but wonder how far we've come since the Crusades. Makes it hard to get up in the morning, let me tell you.


Maybe that's what I should say. "I don't fear Death, I don't fear Damnation. If that is my fate, so be it. If I am to be damned for knowledge, so be it. No, what scares me is a life spent with you holding the reigns. Damnation, to me, is letting the ignorant, the blind, the hateful lead the Hopeful."


Despair is not weariness of Joy, Mad_Gerbil. Despair is weariness of lies and duality. Saying that despair is simply you gettin' tired of being happy is just a plesant fiction you tell yourself to make life tenable.


I really wish I could quote NIN lyrics here... I could give Ruiner a whole fucking music video just from linking the lyrics to the subject.


I wonder how the people at Ex-C would react. I ponder how the people at TFN would react... to see the true of it, what Reznor is really saying. How many have actually sat through a NIN song? Nevermind an album.


Been having some trouble with my Satire... Can't find anything to laugh at. There's a saying I heard... the good comics look at the world and laugh, the great ones don't. I guess I'm still in the pain stage at the moment... need to get above this madness.


I sure as fuck ain't Waitin' on a sunny day. I won't wait for a day that just won't come.


Heard back from my friend, she's doing fine, just wanted a break from things. I really have to wonder if she has the right idea...


Thanks for reading. I know I'm not the most chipper person in the world right now, but I appreciate you taking the time to read.





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