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blog-0286303001333594903.jpgEveryone is crying about the very "secular liberal lobbyist" movement in Congress.


It doesn't exist.....YET.


After some of the "fan"mail, I have received from acquaintances on FB, MS, and Yayhoo, I am thinking there is one coming though. Why? Apparently, my posting things I find reflective of my anti-religious views on these sites would be categorized as "militant atheism". But, I feel that since the majority of my government representatives base their policies on idol worship, local hospitals sponsored by churches deny me certain gynecological care based on beliefs I don't observe, and my mailbox gets hit with religious temple's advertisements everyday, I sure has hell have the right to share my thoughts and views where ever I can and NOT be called militant.


I get bombarded daily with how inadequate my life is without God by advertisements on television, messages on billboards, and responses people in various communities rail on about when things that don't go their way politically. I get emotionally abused daily by threats of hell fire and failing in life without a God by the aforementioned avenues. Then, I get told that I am being aggressive and abusive for posting videos to JUST MY FB WALL that do not agree and/or laugh at idol worship, when an individual need only turn off my updates on that site.


How about I start posting signs in my yard to rival all the Easter banners and Virgin Mary statuettes in my neighbor's yards?


I don't. I do have respect.


But the religious have the right to express themselves with Jesus Saves icons, God Bless You banners and sermon links on their websites under the 1st ammendment? Even if their content is abusive. Seriously?


And I, ME, am considered a MILITANT ATHEIST for posting messages that are devoid of threats?


Who're the real Nazis here?



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