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Confused As To Where To Go




SO I thought that life would get easier once I told my wife I no long was a believer. I realized then that the situation was now MORE COMPLICATED. I do feel a weight was lifted from my shoulders but now I have this secret which was never my intent. I have removed my religion from facebook so new friends wont see me as xian. I did delete the "Roadrunner changed his religios beliefs" post that popped up. becuase that was too out there. I have to decide which family to tell, when to tell them, how to tell the fundy in laws. I didnt care last week but now that the time has come Im flaking out. Which is just not me. I nervous becuase I know how I viewed athiests before and I certain segment of people that I tell, will be shut off and look down on me. I dont have a "next move". I do want to tell my dad. He was always been treated a little differently in the family becuase he didnt go to church but hes an atheist. I want to be very open about my belifs becuase I think that to stay quiet is to allow another to die in the closet. if everyone said "this is stupid, no way this happened" people right and left would say "i know, Im outta here", churches would get foreclosed on, missionaries would have to come on back to the states and be vagrants. and religoin would be seen for the bronze aged belief that it is. Had anyone asked me 10 years ago my plan was to die a ripe old wise Xian who had all the answers. Now I have to find out who I am I never got a chance to be me becuase god was watching. It will be interesting to look back on this time.



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