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blog-0760092001335884683.jpgI have been often troubled by the many mortal human attitudes and behaviors many different deities have taken on in various holy texts. Petty emotions like jealously, bigotry, hate, anger, and lust, to name a few. All of these characteristics are thought to be beneath the prestige of a being with omnipotent abilites, yet these very traits seem to be what hobbles religion in my mind.


Because I was born in the states, I am more familiar with that of the Christian idols. Particularly disturbing to me has always been the "Book of Life". This is a metaphysical book that God felt the need to write down everyone's name into that will EVER exist in all of time and space. And then, if you were really shitty or not, he will decide to either keep your name on his "good child" list and reward you with heavenly treasures OR he will blot you out...as in INK you out, and send you to eternal torment of fire and pain.


This eerily reeks of Santa Claus and Krampus.


Can I get a WTF!?!


First, WHY does this idol need to have a "book" to keep all the names in? Isn't he omnipotent? Last I checked, and granted this is open to human error, because, well, this is a HUMAN observation, but I thought to be omnipotent meant to be all knowing, mortal accoutrements not required? I know some would like to argue that this is merely symbolism, but what for? I mean, do we really need a book to signify the vastness of God's knowledge? Books are finite in page numbers. NOT a good symbol!


Secondly, since he knows me before I was ever even remotely conceived of, all the way to the DNA level, he already knows I'm going to be a total asshole and tell him to fuck off... So WHY allow my birth? I know, I know, so that MY sin might be an example for others not to do, right? Which opens up a whole other discussion of his impotence to draw to his fold under his own merit.


And thirdly, this whole notion of ritualistic judgement seems poorly thought out and way below the prestige of being a lord and master of souls that he purports himself to be. There is absolutely no rationalizing logic here for this kind of menial behavior. Why judge at all? Just straight out cast one in to pain, correct? And why does he feel it necessary to have constant screams of torment, agony and suffering in his omnipotent ears? What purpose does this serve. By his own supposedly mortally inspired verbatim, the greatest reward is Heaven, and being denied Heaven is a torment in itself as well... So why the need to double down?


To me, by having to keep a book, it further belies the veracity of this doctrine.


He can't be all knowing if he needs to keep cliff notes.


Just sayin'.



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