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blog-0699677001336320053.jpgFirst of all, welcome new readers! Was terrific hearing from several of you this week and sharing your thoughts! A quick introduction might be in order since there are so many new faces around here. I'm an Atheist who used to be a fundamentalist Christian. I enjoy discussing matters of science, religion, quackery and sometimes philosophy so that's what you'll find here on this blog.


With that said, let's get on with today's discussion: Atheism, is it really a moral cop out?


No, by far, it is the ultimate in taking responsibility for your life! It is an understanding that YOU are solely responsible for your actions and the consequences thereof, good or bad. It is an acceptance that there are things in life you cannot control, and you have to either move on from them or let them rule your life. It is understanding YOU are the architect of your life, not a supreme being that will either reward or punish you later on when you die.


Still, many theists try to say that if you are atheist, you are immoral. Why? Well, because theists are taught early on that if it weren't for God, there wouldn't be morality. Therefore, if there isn't God in your life, you must be immoral.


Kind of a quacky attitude isn't it? Especially if all the atheists were to be deported, we would account for 94% of the National Council of Science, and only 1% of the prison population.


Hmmmnn...morality huh?


I think what disturbs me the most about the whole morality question is simply stating that if it weren't for God, we wouldn't know right from wrong. Innately, humanity is compassionate for its own kind. Just like other mammals for that matter. Theists really are stretching themselves thin on this one again. Simply because it calls in to the argument that their opinion is strictly based on their belief in God, and again there isn't any proof. Why do we as atheists have to simply believe what is said by hundreds of different authors over the course of at least 300 centuries of writing, rewriting, ommittance, and recantations, as proof of a divine being?


Basing a whole religion on "faith"? Seems kind of shady don't you think? I might as well go and buy that gallon of gasoline and drink it to cure cancer on "faith", right? Absolutely not! Why? Because we know gasoline is harmful! I wonder how we figured that one out. Couldn't have had anything to do with science?


If God sends another prophet to earth and says there are new commandments, including one that says it is okay to steal another's wife, murder your neighbors and totally disrespect your parents, you would have to do it? Or would you say wait a minute! Where's your proof our God said this? A lot of the Bible's testimony are from "private" encounters with the Lord. No proof necessary because they wrote it in with a collection of other "private" encounters?


Get off the crack pipe people!


I find that living in the now, and accepting that where I am in life are because of choices I made is a true way to be divine. God is YOU. God is your conscience telling you,"Jack ass! What did you do that for! Now you have to repair this relationship!" or "Man, that felt good! I think we should work here at the soup kitchen next Christmas!" Why do you need to have a supreme being give you rewards or punishment when it is obvious you deal with that here on earth everyday?


I've been abused by a Christian, and because he had the Lord's forgiveness, he doesn't need mine. THAT sounds rather immoral to me. I have hurt two very important people close to me, and for the last 7 years I have been trying to get my shit together so I can be there for them like I am supposed to be. NOT because God is going to punish me later for it.


Fuck God, he isn't my family that I have to spend my lifetime with. He isn't my peers next door seeing and judging what I do. And please spare me the whole "we don't judge because we're Christian" argument. History has very well shown the opposite of that.


Ultimately, RELIGION is the cop out. You pray for forgiveness, you kinda sorta make things right with people you fuck over, but as long as you are forgiven by God, it doesn't matter anyway. It would seem that the whole atheism is a cop out argument is simply a projected denial on the part of the theists. As usual, faced with hard truths, theists try to find a way to avoid the reality of consequences, relationships, and death. Or basically, LIFE.



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