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Just started here a couple of days ago. Have had a ton of fun meeting people and reading responses and responding. I hope I haven't been too prolific and annoyed anyone. I'm just so glad to be here and talk with people who understand what I have gone through and can relate to me. It really helps to have support.


I've had a few experiences here today that have really warmed my heart. I feel like I am starting to make some new friends. As a person who is disabled and at home alone most of the time, having people to talk to online is so important. I have no one to talk to about this issue of being an XC, so hopefully everyone will forgive me if I was a little over-exuberant today!


In addition to posting, I started this blog and I even jumped in on chat and made a couple of friends there. Bronxo shared a really touching video on YouTube with me. I felt like he really listened to me and then shared something beautiful with me. I added some new friends and PM'd a couple of people I have things in common with. I was so excited when my reputation number got out of the neutral zone and into the "good" zone. I got to vote on posts today, that was fun. I didn't know there was a limit to the number of votes you can cast. I will have to ration my votes I guess, but I wouldn't change a one I voted on today. I think my favorite comment was by Positiv (sp?). I can't remember what she said but it cracked me up!


I think I am really going to like it on this site! I was a little afraid at first because I have read some things on other atheist sites and some here where people are very angry and swear a lot and are a bit abusive, so I wasn't sure how I would be met here. But so far no troubles. Seems there is a good diversity of people here too. If you are super knowledgeable about the Bible and want to talk theology? There's an app for that. Want to rant and rave? There's an app for that. Want to just chat or share? Got that too. Yep, this site and the people on it have a lot to offer. I tried a couple of other sites, but I feel more comfortable here. So, hopefully the group here will be able to tolerate me!



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This is my favorite place, too. I like how everyone tries to be supportive or helpful and even give gentle reminders if someone gets a bit snarky unless of course it is deserved, lol. But it still feels like everyone that I have dealt with feels free to say what's on their mind!

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