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They Really Are Jealous Of Our Freedom




blog-0593865001337869408.jpgThey really hate it. They may even hate US. We are free and our presence, our joy and our peace, which DOES NOT COME FROM CHRISTIANITY; irks them to NO end!!!


We are a CONSTANT reminder that we are NO LONGER BOUND by the "christian contructs" nor do we have to live within the "christian box". They have learned to DEPEND upon God, calling themselves weak (and He is strong...yeah) and totally defiling their own power as human beings to "be a christian" to gain some sort of "worth". It is ludicrous.


They are really jealous. I can see with the few friends that I have told that they are NOT comfortable knowing that I "no longer believe as they do"...really??? Was our friendship BASED on sharing "our faith?"...if so, then it was NOT a friendship but a SHARED DELUSION that I no longer will subscribe to.


We are FREE...we no longer feel obligated, guilty or compelled to "do good" because jus because it would not be a good "christian witness" to do otherwise. HOW CONTROLLING!!! As christians, we controlled ourselves with this LIE and christians who know us NOW are wanting to STOP our freedom so that they can be comfortable in their "christian box" and not feel so "offended". Please.


I am really thinking about how I PUT MYSELF DOWN in order for Christ to LIFT ME UP...I was not LOW to begin with but I had to MAKE MYSELF LOW AND UNWORTHY in order to "be worthy?"...That is CRAZY!!! If there is a god and he does not love me AS I AM, then I am NOT interested in becoming less just so he can "make more out of me"...that is truly for the mentally ill and NOW I know it.



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I agree wholeheartedly. Partly because I remember feeling that way myself sometimes before deconversion. After breaking free myself, I see it like a prison (like you mentioned, a "christian box") and I have let myself out of the prison, and they want me to come back in so they can feel better about being stuck there or something. I'm not sure if they realize how very certain I am when I say I will NEVER go back into that prison again.

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Awesome! You are so right! & I even remember sold out "believers" making comments like "I wish I didn't know what I know...."

One lady, who converted from Catholicism to the bible cult/calvinism pined for the simple days of being Catholic (where it's no big deal to cuss, drink, celebrate holidays, etc.) said "it was LOT easier being Catholic...". The "good news" wasn't making her feel so good....if you consider "good" wishing you didnt' know that "good news"!! It's effin'' crazy.


The prison of dogma forces them to be what they are not. I do think deep down they are envious of those who have had the courage to say adios to abusive bible religion.


BTW I too, love the artwork! Where'd you get it from?

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Hi Adam and NeverAgainV; Sorry such a delay in seeing your comments and replying the artwork; I am not sure WHERE I found it online; it certainly IS beautiful; I think I googled "healing images" and may have found it and many other beautiful ones there...thanks.

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