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Dream About Fundie Brother




Wow, just woke up from a wild dream involving my fundie brother (FB) and my other brother (OB). Basically my FB had documents drawn up saying that he was going to have to withdraw from seeing me or my OB ever again. I said to my Hubby that my FB was divorcing us. My FB's reason for all this was that he didn't have the money to come see us. Well, we knew that wasn't the truth and I called him a goddam liar to his face. (That felt really good!) I walked away and wouldn't sign the papers. It didn't matter to my FB, he was already planning to do things and buy more stuff. I just shook my head knowing he was full of it. Truth was, he just didn't want anything to do with us anymore.


I think this dream might be an indication that I need to back off of the time I spend on this site for awhile. Reading other ex-Christians' experiences and feelings has started to bring back some of those same feelings in me and it is making me a feel anxious and overwhelmed. So I might not be around as much. Please don't think that I have been offended--not so, I just need to put a little distance between me and my past again by doing and thinking about other things also.


I think this site is good for me, I have just been spending too much time here and need to keep a balance in my life. Hope this makes sense. I would still like to write my extimony and visit and post from time to time. Hope you understand. I'll be around, just maybe not quite as often! smile.png


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No worries, sjessen. BTW: Not to burst your bubble, but recent research, interestingly, has determined that dreams are just the logical part of your brain trying to make sense of random spasms shooting from the base of where your cranium meets your neck.

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