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Not In The Dark




We have suffered power loss, downed electrical lines and fallen trees due to storms that recently ravaged our county. There were 25 people trapped in their cars for 4 hours due to 15 power lines that were downed and this was very close to where we live. All in all, we were out of electricity for over 59 hours. Yes, it was inconvenient. No, I didn't pray to God to save us or call on Jesus' Name when we drove back through another storm front that took out another 20,000 homes after 600,000 had been left dark in our county; the hardest hit in our state.


My husband and I were driving and surveying damage when we saw that several some churches seemed to be open. The thought hit me but came out of his mouth first. Though the church buildings seemed to now have power, those who were there visiting that day "were used to sitting in the dark" anyways. Just an observance. We don't laugh at them as much as I can relate to them.


I guess sitting in air conditioning in a church might be fine for some but I would rather "take the heat" than to stay in the dark.


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Hmmnnn, should we just pray for these people or do something about it? That's the choice I see in disaster situations. I'm speaking as the church as a whole, not individual actions. I like to remind those who tell us that God's plan isn't for us to know, that some of this mysterious plan is obvious. There are senior citizens who are going to die from this heat. There are families who are too poor to help their senior family members. They are going to live with a lot of guilt. Wow, nice plan.

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That's a real response. I just wrote in my http://livenotonevil.blogspot.com/ blog that Christians are more or less taught by the church to NOT take responsibility and to "trust God" to do it FOR them. They don't even take responsibility for their own weaknesses and consequences of their own behavior but call it an "attack by the enemy" as if they are REALLY that important that an "nearly omnipotent" being such as the Devil is "after them"...sheesh...really.


They may really think that praying for others will really help them and even SAVE THEM when taking them food, water or giving them a ride to a shelter to cool down and stay safe would be the "more christian" thing to do!!!


Thanks for the reply Zomberina; spot on...

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