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A Uu Experience--If You're Interested

Serendipity Rose



For anyone who is interested, I think this was a particularly interesting talk we had at our UU last Sunday. Normally we don't record the entire service but I think Buz requested the whole thing be recorded this time. For those of you who come from the Baptist tradition and know what good singing is, don't laugh too hard. Lol.


In listening to this again, it sounded much more church-like than I'd realized and going to a UU is a bit church-like. But it's not the same, at least not at most UUs. There is something freeing about being with a group of people where you can talk about what each individual believes without being judgmental about each others beliefs or lack of. I think it helps me remember where I came from and at the same time helps me envision where good religion CAN exist. So when you think you're ready, IF you are ever ready, you should check out at UU at least once in your life time. It might be a good one.


The actual talk starts about the 16 minute mark if you need to skip the churchy-type stuff...


Podcast: My Sense of Eternal Ultimos Natural


Written version: "The sense of eun"



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