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Intellectual Awakening









I love this pic and message that I have found and just wanted to share it with you.

I feel that it profoundly describes the journey that many of us have traveled

and many of us are traveling with family and friends.






We have learned SO much about ourselves.

  • We have learned that we have to tread our own path. We cannot follow others, blindly, even for the hope of community or acceptance.

  • We have learned that we will not settle for less than truth and love in our lives. A cheap imitation will not do.

  • We have had an awakening and there is "no turning back" for us. How can we travel back on a road that really was NOT THERE to begin with???? That is how I see my deconversion from christianity. There is NO WAY back because it is NOT a WAY to begin with. It was my imagination, my delusion and my denial but it was NOT a TRUE life...

  • We have learned that others do not understand that WE understand "where they are". We have learned that they could not possibly begin to understand "where WE are" because they have not been HERE. We HAVE lived lives as they still live. We have learned that this is NOT LIFE and have chosen to LIVE a REAL life instead. They cannot comprehend this.

  • We have learned that we are not "better" than them, we are just FREER. We do not have a need to stand in judgement of them as they do of us, it gains us NOTHING because TRUTH is better than delusion.

  • We have learned that we are all responsible for the life that we choose to live. I have chosen my path. I have chosen the people I want to travel with along my path. I have chosen to BE TRUE TO MYSELF and in that, be true to others I meet and with whom I have relationship.

  • We have learned that LIFE IS WHAT WE MAKE IT...really.


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